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We have ben underway for several days from Nuku-Hiva. The winds have been very light and midday it has been very hot. With the cap shrouds and the forestay not yet replaced we have been babying the rig. 68 more words

Website Evaluation


Website: cockingtonchocolate.wordpress.com

Does the website suit the purpose :

The purpose of the website is to catch peoples eye so they explore the website and then go to the chocolate shop to buy products, and i think it works at that, the layout and navigation system work well and are very simple, there is a lot more images and other media than text, and the colour scheme is pleasant and consistent. 457 more words


Task 1: Web Protocol Report

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language is a set of symbols, codes and algorithms that are created with the intention of being displayed on the Internet. 988 more words


Today I am tired

Today I am tired: I’m tired of meetings and doctors and decisions; tired of meltdowns and sickness and sleeplessness. I am so very tired.

I am tired of advocating, of being different, of medical and developmental jargon. 165 more words

Task 1: Web Protocols Report


A HTML is a makeup or a type of language for describing web pages, The meaning of the word HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. 415 more words


Screen shots of the website and evidence

Here are the screenshots and evidence of what we have been doing for the client’s website, what pre-production we also have done to make sure everything was planned out. 48 more words