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AFC Championship Game Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots

If the NFC Championship game is clear of drama then its AFC counterpart has enough hoopla surrounding it to keep most soap operas in storyline’s for about a year! 991 more words


Taylor Swift - Live By Night starring Ben Affleck, @ellefanning @zoesaldana... #EsteemedElectors

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Ben Simmons at PG will ‘work out well’ for Sixers

BOX SCORE The Sixers began the season looking lost without Joel Embiid. Now they are finding ways to win when he is not on the court.  9 more words

The Final Four: Ben vs Brady, Rodgers vs Ryan.

The four remaining Quarterbacks in the NFL championship games are among the four best quarterbacks in the league. No one could have asked for 2 better games this Sunday (other than cowboy fans of course). 591 more words


Confusion Over Inauguration Performers Not Likely to Be Remedied

(Washington D.C.) It’s no secret that President-Elect Donald Trump has faced difficulties in lining up a performer for his inauguration this Friday.

Multiple winners and losers from multiple seasons of American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and America’s Funniest Home Videos have all turned down bids to appear at the high-profile event. 623 more words

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170120 Ben's friends shared a backstage photo with Junsu

@ 예술의전당

군인아저씨 되는 준쮸오빠 🐣 #데스노트 #샤엘

@Seoul Arts Center

It was so so so so fun👍🏼#DeathNote
#L #Misa #Only_see_Misa_in_my_eyes👁

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