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New Triangle Handle

This is the great triangle handle that my buddy Jason made for me a few weeks ago. Attached to a homemade HWFD.

Putting that handle on this cruddy stack of plates is like putting a Ferrari steering wheel on a Yugo.


Throwing the "Dum-Dums"

My wife took one look at these homemade Highland Games training hammers and called them “the dum-dums.” The name stuck in my head. The bright duct tape was wishful thinking on my part. 91 more words


Homemade Highland Games Implement: 28lb Braemar "Glob"

If you are looking for plans on how to create a pretty “stone” for Highland Games training, this is not the place for you. Run away! 149 more words


Great News All Around!

My wife’s parents just bought a house with a hyoooooooge yard that is less than 15 minutes drive from our house.  I am excited and happy for them!  109 more words


39 Years Old Now

May 27th was my birthday.  I’m now a year away from the big 4 – 0.  And I actually look forward to that milestone birthday.  Most people dread it for some reason.  44 more words