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Five Things Friday: Keira Knightley: 5 Best characters vs. 5 of her Worst characters

I don’t really like to hate actors or actresses online. Movies? Sure. I’d happily attack a movie if I think it was really bad, annoying or even just too stupid to deal with. 916 more words

Final Week of Movies!

As our last week in London begins the CA 490 class has been asked to watch two final movies including “London River” and “Bend it like Beckham”. 513 more words

CA 490

Films: Bend it Like Beckham & London River

This is my last post about movies for this course. 😢 I couldn’t help but start with that thought, because while it’s a little bit of a relief to almost be done trying to balance school  work with staying in these big cities that offer so much do – it’s a sad thought. 392 more words


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My Obsession with Sports Movies

If you have ever seen me playing sports, you know that I am one of the least coordinated people in the world. Sure, I am a very “spirited” player, but sadly, that does not add up to skill.  541 more words

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All credit to the man in the arena, still

These words from Theodore Roosevelt’s motivational speech “Citizenship In A   Republic” were delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910.  Fitting now, perhaps, as we mourn a man who spent his career “in the arena…marred by dust and sweat and blood”.  1,414 more words