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Craving Curry?

Craving Curry?

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This is fast and easy.
And VERY good.

I like this recipe because I can keep the ingredients on hand pretty easily.   475 more words

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An assault on the ears: Reviews in handy podcast format

It was probably inevitable that after spending three years forcing diligent readers to consume my witterings through their eyeballs, I would look to find an even easier way to force my views upon people. 185 more words

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REVIEW: Bend It Like Beckham- The Musical

When my best friend came to me asking if I would come see Bend it Like Beckham The Musical in London’s West End for her birthday, I cant lie, I wasn’t 100% she was being serious. 613 more words

bend it like beckham

absolutely loved Chadha’s film from 2002, so it was such a pleasure to see the musical production – its all light hearted fun, song and dance, but includes the social dilemmas of  modern indian family life in the western world – loved all the colourful sets, especially the southall and wedding scenes;  great viewing for all the family and especially for all those girls who are mad about football. 58 more words


West End Review: 'Bend It Like Beckham,' the Musical

If Gurinder Chadha’s Brit flick “Bend It Like Beckham,” which gave the world one Keira Knightley, seems an odd choice for a musical adaptation, it actually works a lot better on stage than on screen. 736 more words



Rejoice! In the midst of Fifa’s dismal doings musical theatre makes football beautiful again. Gurinder Chadha’s and Paul Mayeda Berges’ fable, of a British-Asian teenage girl longing to play football rather than cook dhal and live traditionally, was beloved on screen but emerges all the stronger for being driven by Howard Goodall’s music and Charles Hart’s lyrics. 736 more words

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Bend It Like Beckham at The Phoenix Theatre

You know what this means…yep, it’s time for another theatre date with Anna! Last Friday evening we headed for the Phoenix Theatre to check out the West End’s latest musical offering! 1,050 more words