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A Gathering of Rookies

Avril 27, 1033 P.W.D

            Wolfsbane Bendis sat there in his seat by the window in the Day Trip Class car on his way to Little Oak. 5,267 more words

Spider-Man and the Avengers

It’s possible that the most signfiicant change to the Spider-Man comics while Joe Quesada wasn’t One More Day, but something else that happened under his watch: Spider-Man joining the Avengers. 1,247 more words


Uncanny X-Men Annual 1 2014

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Artist / Cover Art Andrea Sorrentino

Color Artist Marcelo Maiolo

Lettering & Production VC’s Joe Caramgna

The story that finally tells what happened to Tempus back in Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 17 and what Cyclops already knew what happened as we learn in Issue 23 – the Cuckoos told him. 573 more words



With the release of the Powers TV show today, I thought it appropriate to discuss the comic itself.  In anticipation

of the show, I decided to check out the Powers phenomenon first hand so I could see what all the talk has been about.   326 more words

REVIEW: All-New X-Men #38

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
  • Release Date: 25/02/15
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue takes us into chapter 4 of the Black Vortex crossover between the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy. 416 more words

Comic Reviews

Star-Runner World Interviews Series: Calvin Bendis

            Spoiler Alert!: The following interview contains spoilers for The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner, namely the part near the end. If you haven’t read that book yet and want to avoid spoilers, then come back to this interview later. 2,378 more words

Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 28

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Artist Kris Anka

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramanga

Newberry, South Carolina.  Cyclops and Magik are trying to chat with Matthew Mallory.  Matty M is worried of killing them but Cyclops is confident that he won’t.  559 more words