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The Theory of Everything Review

So I watched The Theory of Everything…

Now movies like this – biopics on tortured geniuses with physical or mental abnormalities – are usually fast-tracks to Academy Awards (well, unless you’re Leonard DiCaprio) so I walked in expecting a lot from this movie and, with the exception of Eddie Redmayne’s acting, I was left thoroughly disappointed. 785 more words

Movie Review

Hey! That's writing, too!

With the exception of Sherlock Holmes, I’ve never been a big fan of mysteries. I prefer to watch them, rather than read them. I love the late Jeremy Brett’s version of Sherlock and was instantly hooked by Benedict  Cumberbatch’s modern version. 471 more words


The Imitation Game

I had a discount movie voucher to spend before the end of February, so I decided to see The Imitation Game, which had stuck around the local cinemas for what seems like ages now. 583 more words


Review: The Imitation Game

Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode


Mr. Turing, do you know how many people have died because of Enigma? Three. Whilst we’ve been having this conversation.” 795 more words


Behind the Scenes of the Academy Awards

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter

Benedict Cumberbatch & Graham Moore

Benedict Cumberbatch & Naomi Watts

Benedict Cumberbatch & Naomi Watts & Laura Dern… 134 more words