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Fortune Friday: I'm changing how I relate to money emotionally

Diego Rivera on one side of the 500 pesos bill

Frida Kahlo on the other side of the 500 pesos bill

Fridays are about Money, honey. 857 more words


We would like to welcome Stevens & Bolton as new Benefactor of the Spanish Chamber.

Stevens & Bolton LLP is a leading full service top 100 UK law firm with a single office in Guildford, just outside London. 125 more words



First off, OF COURSE KELADRY’S MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR WAS ALANNA!!!!!!!! Literally knew it was her from the very first gift.

Okay, that point aside, this book was fantastic! 171 more words

A Titian Haired Girl Faces the World


I’ve always striven to be multi-talented (that and a child prodigy, but neither of them have really worked out so well). I’m not sure whether this had a natural origin or was just influenced by an interest in a variety of things, but my dreams of being multi-dextrous all included absolute success in every venture. 800 more words

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The Left Hand Does Not Know About The Right Hand.

Mr.N was born with the proverbial “silver spoon in his mouth.” But that was not what endeared him to many, especially the weaker sections of society. 638 more words

We Indians!

Spies, Lies, and Harriet

Appetizer: Give me cake!

Everyone loves an after-school snack. Even now, I find myself craving a bite of something at 3:30 on the dot, even though I’ve been working in an office for several years now. 739 more words

Leah's Books