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What Are You Getting Into?

When David Webb handed over his tags and signed up, he had no real idea what he was getting into. He was motivated by a loose sense of ideal and perhaps service. 754 more words

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A Gift That Ensnares

A gift with conditions attached may still be received as a loving and gracious act. But a gift given with unclear terms is wisely declined. For the benefactor may return with demands of reciprocity, and this burden will have the potential to ensnare or destroy the one given the gift.

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Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Replacing a cement driveway with crushed black rocks undermines the support of Benefactors.
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AN-NAFI: The Benefactor and AD-DARR: The Afflictor

AN-NAFÍ (النافع) The Benefactor, The Benefiter, The Propitious, The Auspicious, The Creator of Good

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God's Unique Unity

Losing money to win promotion

Figures can help provide startling comparisons, causing us to question underlying trends. Recent information and figures  from Wigan and Horwich have  once more caused questions to be raised. 1,260 more words

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Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Heaven energy comes in the shape of circles because the sky is a giant 360 degree circle overhead.
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While I’m scanning my news feed in Facebook, a thought came into me that made me shed a tear: “will I EVER be able to give back to my parents and give them their wishes?

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