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When Enough is Enough

Ethical decision-making isn’t always a thrilling topic. It tends to get pushed onto the back burner, because it seems like common sense. It seems like something that’s straightforward and that time might be better spent addressing other parts of medicine, from basic sciences to surgery techniques. 600 more words

Is Poverty like a Pond?

New at e3ne.org, I take up Peter Singer’s argument that we in affluent societies have far-reaching duties to aid the global poor, possibly to the extent of bringing ourselves down almost to their level. 117 more words


Why Ethics Matters to You

Do you believe that medical ethics is an area of philosophy that doesn’t apply to you?

Many share that misconception. The principles of bioethics – autonomy, confidentiality, beneficence and non-maleficence – certainly sound like high level philosophical concepts. 639 more words

Empowering Healthcare

Entertaining Angels

A little while ago a friend and I were walking to school from the bus stop, a journey which takes us through Downtown Boston. Along the way we get stopped by a middle aged black woman who asks us for change so she could get something to eat. 1,520 more words


Justice, Beneficence, & Mercy

by Jennifer Stump Garcia

As Americans, we are taught from an early age that justice is the foundation for our society. This is based on the principle of utilitarianism, that our duty to uphold justice produces the most good for the benefit of many. 250 more words


Adam Smith on Beneficence & Justice

I’ve recently begun the Ethics & Economics Challenge program with students at Merrimack Valley High School in Concord, N.H. We’ve been discussing what Adam Smith’s… 298 more words