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Poverty: It's up to us.

Those who are suffering desperate poverty both overseas and in our own backyard desperately need the help of those of us in considerably better positions.  I intend to argue that we are morally obligated to do as much as we can to help them without reducing ourselves to a similar position. 1,909 more words

22. CASE: Double Effect?

The following call comes in to the ethics line:

“Hi. It’s Celine from Oncology. We have a patient here who is in the end stages of lung cancer and is in a lot of pain. 146 more words

Patient-Family Relationships

21. CASE: Balancing Concerns

“Where’s the door to my bathroom? Can’t a man get some privacy?”

“Uh oh, that’s Elias again. We’d better make sure he’s alright.”

“How many times are we going to have to go through this with him? 197 more words

Compliance With Policy

15. CASE: Acceptable Judgement?

Sara Thornton, an unemployed 19-year old woman, lives with her 28 year old sister, Fran, and Fran’s boyfriend, Alan. Both sisters were diagnosed with bipolar I disorder in their mid-adolescence. 502 more words

Respect For Autonomy

11. CASE: Truth-Telling

The patient is an 89-year-old gentleman with moderate dementia and a history of COPD, swallowing difficulties, a CVA, and recent aspiration. The investigation of his aspiration uncovered a lesion in his lung- the physicians felt it was likely to be cancerous. 237 more words

Patient-Family Relationships

9. CASE: Right to Treatment

A 54-year-old male patient has been treated for cancer for 2 years, but his illness has not responded to the major lines of treatment. He has been admitted to hospital with worsening nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and failure to thrive. 247 more words

Patient-Family Relationships

Six years of Preach

It’s been six years since the controversial IV vitamin C case exploded into media and they still haven’t given it a rest. (Don’t believe me? See… 513 more words