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Beneficial points of Substrate Culture

What is ‘substrate culture?

It is an interesting and wanted technique used openly around the world. Why?  Because the grower has a lot of choices to do in many forms of shape, size, and type of growing tray. 102 more words


Do I need a slap?

I feel like a broken record going over and over and over everything all the time.

Do I need a slap? Do I just need to man up and get over it? 17 more words


The Berries

Lizah Migwi

As they say good is not easily found,they are rare to find in any place.These are the wild berries which grows mostly in forested places or rather bushy areas.They do best in wet places with moderate warmth.They grow from a thorny stem tree which can extend to 5 feet in search of sun .A few varieties of wild berries need cooking, but the most common and plentiful can be eaten fresh out of hand. 75 more words


Why startup incubator-hopping can be beneficial to launching your business

(Source: e27.co)

Venture capitalists Sam Altman and Jason Calacanis both wrote posts recently on the topic of startup incubator hopping. Altman says that participating in more than one startup incubator may actually decrease your chances of getting into Y Combinator, a goal many startups are vying for, whereas Calacanis says the question isn’t about Y Combinator — it’s about whether or not you should do an incubator at all. 1,057 more words


Mobile Shelving For Offices - Beneficial Storage Option

Mobile shelving for offices is gaining popularity nowadays as these offers more storage while covering less floor space. These are the ideal choice when you want to improve productivity, create space and add safety in your office premises. 120 more words

Harmful or Helpful?

At planting time last year, we were amazed at all the earthworms and had to do a little research on them. We still a lot of earthworms; large, medium, and many babies. 374 more words


#PanamaPapers: Nigeria Agrees To Expose Beneficial Owners Of Companies

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed the commitment of his administration to create a public registry of beneficial owners of companies in Nigeria.

The President’s promise followed a PREMIUM TIMES publication of the names of 106 Nigerians and firms who own companies and assets in offshore tax havens. 196 more words