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My Massage Message // The Power of Touch

Since I decided to commit to writing these messages, every week I finish a piece of writing and wonder what it is that I’ll write about next. 360 more words

Massage Therapy

Superfood Saturday - Quinoa

Who’s a fan of quinoa? It took me a little bit to come around to it (it’s SO little…) but I am fully on board now! 78 more words


Why Sedation Dentistry Is Beneficial to Those Who Dread Dental Visits

Sedation dentistry in Charlotte, NC is designed to help patients feel relaxed as dental procedures are carried out. The sedatives given help patients relieve anxiety, and they make the entire dental experience pleasant. 105 more words

Disagreeing Bloggers

Blog #1]: This blogger’s point of view on technology is that of which fits into a positive manner, that technology has no downfall in regards to their topic. 69 more words

Snake of the Day: Rough Green Snake

Walking through the woods you may catch a glimpse of this snake, but look above your head rather than below your feet! Rough Green Snakes are the bright green tree-climbers of Texas. 67 more words

Snake Identification


Life is suffering. When I get upset, it lasts days, when there is a major negative event, it lasts months and when there is trauma it has lasted years. 206 more words



Failure is a critical aspect of my life because, without mistakes, I couldn’t achieve any goals. Without human progress as a whole, I wouldn’t be using a computer, the internet wouldn’t exist and we would be hundreds of years backward from where we are now as a species. 59 more words