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Don't worry, be Happy

Αγορασα το καινουργιο makeup που λανσαρε μολις η benefit, το Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, light-medium coverage liquid foundation, SPF 15 PA+++

Ας ξεκινησουμε απο τη συσκευασια: μου αρεσει πολυ το smiley face και το ροζ γυαλιστερο καπακι, διοτι διαφορετικο απο τα αλλα που κυκλοφορουν και  ειναι fun! 13 more words


Beauty; my everyday makeup 💋💁🏽

A lot of people have asked for this post so I thought why not, it seems fun! 💁🏽 I’m not amazing at makeup but I’m happy with how I would do an everyday kind of look. 316 more words


Instagram Stories Strategy: How to Make Stories That Benefit Your Business

Want to attract more leads with Instagram? Curious how a story arc on Instagram Stories can help? To explore how to use Instagram Stories for business, I interview Tyler J. 50 more words


Εψαχνα αρκετο καιρο να εντοπισω ενα primer για την περιοχη κατω απο τα ματια, ωσπου βρηκα το Stay Don’t Stray 360 Degree Stay Put Eyeshadow Primer… 34 more words


My Top 5 High End Bronzers!

Today I thought I could share my Top 5 bronzers, since the summer it’s here, a beautiful bronzing and glowing look it’s always my go to makeup. 525 more words



So my boyfriend, Jackson, has a joint YouTube channel with his friend Darren and on July 14th, 2018, they hit 10k subscribers! Jackson asked me for 10k to do his makeup as a 10k special! 27 more words