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A follow on

Before Christmas, I had had my housing benefit suspended and it was on going with my PIP (disability)

I thought I had finally sorted my housing benefit and did get a payment in the new year, but it was a really odd figure and I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly it is. 116 more words


Feeling so alive!

For the past few months I have been privileged to work with an octogenarian couple. I visit them once a week in their home and address stiff muscles, aching legs and arms, and various other soft tissue challenges. 170 more words

Terre Haute

Just a few problems I have run into recently

When I first started this blog in October 2014, I was first starting out my journey of trying to understand what was happening to my mental health, while trying to work my way through the complicated benefit system. 1,514 more words


And so the saga continues

I tried to be positive about the whole council suspending my housing benefit, and getting the council tax letter at the weekend, gave me hope that maybe, just maybe it was coming to an end. 278 more words


A major rant

As I was cleaning the kitchen, I suddenly realised it had been a while since I heard anything from the tribunal about PIP (disability benefits). I grabbed the letter and double checked, its not written on there, but a little digging about on google confirmed that the DWP has 28 days to send me and the tribunal their evidence. 332 more words


This is getting beyond a joke

Just to give you a rundown of the past year with regards to benefits, which while I am grateful to have, are horrible to be on and the hoops you have to jump through are stupid. 282 more words


One up for the people

Have you heard about universal credit? If you are in the UK and haven’t heard of it, bad you.

You have to know the UK benefit system, simple terms, to claim 6 different benefits, you have to go through six different systems and departments, these departments don’t talk to each other and the systems don’t “speak” to each other. 464 more words