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Enjoy spring fruits!

Because spring is coming in few days, I thought to write about the fruits this season. Because as we know, spring is the nature’s rebirth, this season’s fruits give us a dose of rebirth and fresh energy after winter season. 474 more words


I beat it with a stick

I woke up this morning, in an amazingly good mood. I do find these mood changes exhausting, but having gone from not moving out of bed for a few days and having not left the house in a couple of weeks, apart from my Friday visit to the fishmongers, it was a relief to wake up and feel I could do something. 53 more words

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Independent advocacy visit

After mentioning my DLA (disability living allowance) appeal on Twitter, which I had about this time last year and was unsuccessful, a friend very kindly found out for me about the independent advocacy organization in my town. 802 more words

Chronic Illness

Not sure if this a good thing

I have mentioned a few times about the crazy people who come round and try and take me out.

Since about Christmas, I have dreaded these visits I would literally do anything to get out of them. 186 more words

Mental Health

Black dog

I hate the phrase, black dog, but it seems to be the one everyone knows without having to go into explaination.

Anyway he/it hit me yesterday and boy did I get suckered punched by him, my little boy is ill so I am not getting a lot of sleep, I am drinking, I am drinking a ridiculas amount and you know I don’t want to change, no one is helping me, I say I am depressed and my medication gets upped, my partner lost his job due to me, my son, I have no idea how he is as advanced as he is, 338 more words

Mental Health

Mind the gap: how charities are mopping up after the government’s failure to care

“Twelve bags, mainly men’s and baby’s clothes. All washed and clean,” Dawn Wilson lists, pleased, as she checks through the latest donations collected from her local area. 348 more words


Benefits of Ex-Officer cadets !!


This article deals with what are you eligible for as on this date : 18/02/2015 apart from the worn out jungle boots, squadron colors, academy T-shirts, track suit lowers, memento from course mates and the demo peak-cap (and yes, that swimming trunk which you have still kept in that trunk and never taken out :) ) that you brought in that black trunk of yours when you came home from academy.  727 more words