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Some news I suppose

My life is still very boring and to be honest is just the way I like it, boring means no stress. Although it has been interesting. 173 more words

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Wellness Programs….They Do A Company Good Too!

It’s not the latest corporate “fad” or a substitute for performance raises.  Wellness Programs truly are a tool for companies to use to increase productivity among their employees and decrease health care costs…and more should be embracing it! 466 more words

Human Resources

Employee Reviews Are Useless??

“They aren’t important…it’s all about the money anyway.”

As much as I hate to admit this – yes, there are managers out there who believe this to be true!  722 more words

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Foreign Aid or War Pension? Is that the right question to ask?

I just saw a post on Facebook. It was a picture of a 90 year old war veteran who was injured in the line of duty whose war pension is being taken to fund his care so he’s left with only £10 a week to live on. 455 more words


Creative Employee Benefits: Positive or Negative?

For the small businesses that have continued to struggle in order to survive in this market, there has been a focus on providing new and various “benefits” in place of the annual raises that many can’t afford.  561 more words

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Labour and the battle on social security

I’m not sure at what point the Labour party decided people on benefits weren’t equal citizens. Perhaps Rachel Reeves can pin it down. This week, the shadow work and pensions secretary was quoted in… 331 more words


Unlimited Vacation Time: Newest Perk?

One of the hardest things for a HR professional to track is vacation time, especially when it comes to salaried employees.  There’s always the argument that because salaried employees aren’t require to track their working time that we can’t really track their vacation time…so why do we “award” them a specific block of vacation time from year to year.  886 more words

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