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My stress and where it is coming from

I have mentioned to a few people the massive amount of stress I was plunged into at the end of last week. I have alluded to it a few times but I just wanted to type it all down so that others can see what its like living the life of Reily on benefits (if my sarcasm is not coming across it should be) 525 more words


Another Letter

A few weeks ago I questioned my housing benefit from the council, I think they thought I was getting too much money from one source. Turns out they had it correct, but something else wrong, which results in me getting some extra money a week. 85 more words


I am not sure what has happened

On Friday’s my partner gets paid, it goes in and comes out very quickly usually, but we had no food, nothing on gas and electric and still the majority of the rent to pay. 87 more words


Sleep, depression, anxiety and general bullshit

I have had a few posts recently which explains that I am having a tough time with my council. Let me try and explain.

In December they suspended my Housing Benefit, this is something that helps pay for my rent. 508 more words


If I hear

“Well you need to put the appeal in writing” one more time, I am setting fire to the first council building I see.

Right onto plan B I suppose.


Fucking, bastard council

I will try and go into more detail about what is going on, but I am fairly certain my council is trying to send me completely nuts. 94 more words


A follow on

Before Christmas, I had had my housing benefit suspended and it was on going with my PIP (disability)

I thought I had finally sorted my housing benefit and did get a payment in the new year, but it was a really odd figure and I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly it is. 116 more words