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5 Amazing Benefits Multifamily Investments Offer (That Single Family Homes Don’t)

Choosing your real estate investment strategy entirely depends on your personal goals — but multifamily investing DOES have some distinct advantages. View the full article: 5 Amazing Benefits Multifamily Investments Offer (That Single Family Homes Don t) on on The BiggerPockets Blog. 13 more words

Call for Papers: Compensation & Benefits Review!

Compensation & Benefits Reivew is currently accepting submissions for manuscripts that discuss the design, implementation, evaluation and communication of compensation and benefits policies and programs. The journal supports human resources and compensation and benefits specialists and academic experts with up-to-date analyses and information on salary and wage trends, labor markets, pay plans, incentive compensation, legal compliance, retirement programs, and health care benefits. 234 more words


Martin’s already lost almost everything – he voted leave to spread the pain

“Leaving the EU might make my life shit, but it’s shit anyway,” Martin Parker, a 62-year-old jobseeker says, bluntly. “So how much worse can it get?” 95 more words


Davie Fraser Remembered

In 1997 I was at a political event in London. My accommodation the first night was a squat. I slept in a chair, my mate who I’d travelled down with slept on the floor, and a scruffy lefty from Paisley slept on the couch. 2,911 more words


How Does a Management-to-Worker Wage Gap Impact Employee Performance?

The wage gap between the highest and lowest levels of an organization can serve as incentive for employees to work toward promotion, but does this motivation last in the long term? 265 more words