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The benefits of the fitness community!

Why people joining fitness community 

Reluctant to be a part of health and fitness community? Don’t be! There is a lot of explaining why you should be part of health and fitness community: to get a lean body, to get slimmer, to learn for a competition, or to get inspired. 278 more words


Benefits of Walking

Walking, as with most forms of physical activity, has some pretty impressive impacts on the whole body.  The effects are widespread: not only may you notice an improvement in physical health, but also in social, emotional and psychological health. 443 more words

Benefits Of Exercise


Science now believes exercise is not just good for your heart it can also make you smarter and that means it can make you better at what you do. 618 more words

Beauty And Natural Remedies

Running Happy (and Healthy)

In a world where medical science now defines what is healthy, in terms of our physical selves, it is not breaking news that engaging in regular exercise, such as running, is thought to be good for humans’ physical ‘health’. 333 more words

Mental Health

“…the most effective, potent way that we can improve quality of life and duration of life is exercise.” Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

If you have an exercise regimen, rock on!  

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Escargot Go Go!

Right or left? Chicken or fish? Stairs or elevator? Sneak a piece of chocolate now when your kids might catch you and you’ll have to share or later when they’re asleep but you’ll probably end up eating the whole bag? 601 more words

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34 Attributes of Exercise

34 Attributes of Exercise
By Annette Lawrence
Palm Harbor, FL

Much is happening in everyone’s life.
Everyone is connected, have responsibilities, commitments and carry a burden of some weight. 924 more words