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Can You Work Off Depression with a Workout?

Stress is a part of all of our lives. From work, to family, to waiting in rush hour traffic, stress comes at us from all directions and in many shapes and sizes. 299 more words


Don't be THAT Person!

My title should really be “Don’t be a Dick!!” but I thought it might be a little inappropriate for a headline.

I’ve been teaching my boot camps for almost a year now and, I’ll be honest, I have had such incredible luck having such sprite, positive, wonderful participants in all of my sessions. 626 more words

We were made to move. Let's get walking!

To some, the idea of exercise brings to mind four-letter words, like pain and work.

But physical activity is not just for athletes and kids. It is essential to all of us. 607 more words

Healthwise: Keeping You Healthy


When my mother was very young she was hit by a car.  A hit and run.  The driver never came forward and my mom spent a very long time in a children’s hospital in recovery.   436 more words

The Line: Mental Toughness vs. Listening to the Body

This week was a pure struggle in terms of running and sticking to my half-marathon training program. Part of it had to do with hosting a houseguest last weekend (no matter how much you love someone hosting them is still physically and emotionally exhausting) and the other part had to do with allergy season being in full swing coupled with monstrous PMS a la fatigue and lack of motivation. 576 more words

HEALTH ED: Physical activity makes 'Arrow' a hero

In Year 7 Health Education this Term we are looking at Fitness. First lesson we attempted to answer the question “how active am I” (read more… 709 more words

Health Education

You cannot outrun a bad diet

It’s about time this myth is busted once and for all.  You cannot outrun a bad diet! Following this article is a recently published article that does the myth busting.  1,154 more words