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Water, Children, and Health

According to a philosophy referred to as naturalism, life most likely began about 3,900 million years ago (Origin of Life, n.d.).  Theories regarding the origin of life have evolved from 19th century research into Spontaneous Generation* to Darwin’s Theory** to Haldane’s Theory*** and finally to Oparin’s Theory****.   1,238 more words


Air, Water and Heat is all humans need to maintain health and wellness

A healthy life includes both physical and mental wellness. In order to attain this balance in the human body three essential components are necessary:


3 Ways to Include More Water In Your Day

If you are like me, there are some days when you just don’t drink enough water.  We all know staying hydrated is important. We have been told repeatedly that drinking water is necessary not only for overall health. 552 more words

Healthy Living


We all know we must drink water to survive, but what does it actually do for us and what happens when we don’t drink enough? 364 more words

Healthy Leaving

Top 5 Tips For Staying Fit This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means baking fun treats, going to Christmas parties, being with family and eating lots and lots of food!! 397 more words

Benefits Of Water

8 Great Reasons to Drink Plenty of Water

Ah, water: an essential component of literally every living creature in our world. One of the most important and valuable resources of the planet, water is something we’re fairly familiar with, yet we often forget the benefits it gives us every day. 927 more words


Benefits of water

  1. Makes us energetic

Water helps to make us feel more energetic by detoxifying all the waste from our body through sweat and urine and cleaning of body thereby makes us fit and active. 278 more words