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Benefits Of Smiling

I’ve got blisters on my feet and they’re killing me, thanks netball. Oh well, I’m back with another benefits of post. I actually really like the idea of these so I’ll probably be doing a lot of them so if you have any requests please tell me and I’ll get straight to it. 205 more words


Benefits of Child's Pose

Child’s pose, since I began practicing yoga, has been one of my favorite poses. It is very simple to do and it feels amazing! Not to mention all the great benefits you receive from practicing this pose. 326 more words


Why It's Good To Be Fat

This is a difficult one to argue. Weight may be the one physical trait that society/media has the most demanding standards for. Women are told that they will not be found attractive if there is fat anywhere on their bodies besides their breasts and butts; men are told they must have abs like a brick wall and a jaw chiseled like a marble statue in order to appeal to women. 519 more words

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Why It's Good to Have Acne

Call them whatever you want, pimples, acne, whiteheads/blackheads, blemishes, I am no stranger to them. They are a nearly inescapable part of young life that no one looks forward to. 533 more words

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Benefits Of Different Teas

I’m definitely a tea fan and I’m sure some of you are too and because of this I thought why not make a blog post out of it. 248 more words

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Why It's Good to Be A Broke College Student

Managing spending can be tough; especially in a day and age where temptations such as food, clothing, car services and the entirety of Amazon.com can be easily ordered through a few taps on the cell phone. 465 more words

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Why It's Good To Be Short

As children we were promised that we would grow up to be big and strong. We looked up to older kids because they could run faster, jump higher and stand taller; we couldn’t wait to be like them. 720 more words

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