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A year of tech blogging

On this day, last year, I’ve published my first blog post. In one year, I’ve published (including this one) 23 posts, which is around one post in more than two weeks. 821 more words


I try so hard

I was re-reading the disgusting decision letter on my benefits. I Try so damn hard to maintain and continue to be a valuable member of society. 203 more words


Each exercise routine is different, however, each of them have excellent and certain benefits for the body. Therefore, it is important to perform physical exercises or activities on a regular basis. 490 more words


Increased Natural Energy ~ The Amazing Benefits of Hawthorn Berry

Studies have shown that increased energy is one of the many benefits of hawthorn berries. So what is….

Don’t choose benefits, choose better men.

Don’t choose benefits, choose better men.

If it wasn’t for the benefit system in this country, the dear UK ( England, presumably), this country won’t be popping out as many children. 611 more words

Amazing Benefits of Red Wine for Health and Skin

Amazing Benefits of Red Wine for Health and Skin The name merely can take you high up in the air with a satisfied smile on your lips. 49 more words

Hamptons Hot Picks

Wouldn’t it be great if summer were a season that we could take off and solely do all the fun things that we associate with it. 263 more words