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Four Benefits of Bilingualism

Kristin Kinkel formerly served as a head instructor and judge for Varsity Spirit Corporation in Memphis, Tennessee, where she organized summer camps for high school and college cheerleading teams. 231 more words

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Positive and Negative Turnover… What’s the Difference?

While turnover can be costly and affect employee engagement, it can be both positive and negative. Each company has to find its own sweet spot. If you’re so inclined, you can figure out what your current, annual turnover rate is by using… 469 more words

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Sprinter Shanti Pereira benefits from sports science as she goes for gold again

(Source: www.todayonline.com)

SINGAPORE — After the high of winning a SEA Games gold in the women’s 200m in 2015, Singapore sprint queen Shanti Pereira found herself in an unexpected post-Games slump a year later. 333 more words

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“It feels like the people in power just have no clue how people are living here” – Mosaic Clubhouse’s Maresa Ness and Lee Elliott on mental health and the impact of austerity

Mosaic Clubhouse in Brixton has been a lifeline for Lambeth residents suffering from mental health problems since 1994. It provides education and employment opportunities, housing and benefits advice, advocacy, a supportive community and a safe space in the evenings for those in crisis. 2,060 more words

10 Amazing health benefits of Jamun or Black Plum

Black plum which is commonly knows as jamun is a very famous fruit in India. It is well known as Jamun and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. 909 more words


For the Left, freedom is slavery

In America, the pro-slavery Democrats lost the Civil War, then they lost the fight against their own President, Lyndon B Johnson, to stop civil rights becoming law… 496 more words


How Investing in Preconception Benefits Can Save You Money

Because employers incur the high costs of pregnancy-related healthcare, it benefits you to ensure that your employees have the healthiest pregnancies possible. Although there are programs and services you can provide to employees to support their healthy pregnancies, ideally you’d be offering this support before conception. 613 more words

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