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Why You Should Be Massaging Your Breasts

So last night i couldn’t sleep and started researching different topics, i have a slight obsession (all thanks to a touch of health anxiety) with constantly researching natural ways on how to do things, or the benefits of super foods etc. 524 more words

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Peaceful protest is the best.

Should the nasty, evil, murderous Conservatives get back into power after May 7th then we the disabled, vulnerable and disadvantaged people are going to be put through the wringer by them even worse than the last 5 years as the Coalition. 272 more words


Royal Jelly: Its Benefits and Side Effects

Royal jelly’s composition is 60-70% water, around 12-15% proteins, with 10-16% sugar, 3-6% fats and 2-3% amino acids, salts and vitamins. Yet, the health benefits of royal jelly surpass other medicines and supplements. 20 more words

Benefits and Opportunities of eCRM

The internet is growing exponentially. It now takes a lot of time to market online properly. eCRM is not here to change marketing but to enhance it by creating opportunities for companies to develop upon their effectiveness and to deliver customer value (Scullin et al. 553 more words

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Boycott Workfare- Week Of Action

From next Saturday, people across the UK will be taking action vs workfare and sanctions as part of Boycott Workfare’s week of action.


Get ready for the Week of Action vs Workfare and Sanctions!

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Sabbatical with children

Sabbatical is possibly one of the greatest perks of being an academic. While on my husband’s recent sabbatical overseas, non-academic people I met would often respond with a mix of inquisitiveness, incredulity, and, I dare say, a bit of envy as I told them what exactly it is that brought me there. 301 more words