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Ooh look at my loot!

I went to the health food store yesterday to replenish my stocks and I can’t wait to start using these goodies!

I bought Vegan Hemp Protein powder for a pre- or post-work out boost. 413 more words

Plant Eaters

Beauty DIY: The Ultimate Body Scrub

Whether you are strapped for cash, looking to go back to the basics or just wanting to get more hands on in your beauty routine, this do-it-yourself body scrub is a must-do. 26 more words


Toeing the Line

I think we should all know by know that I’m having a horrible time at writing regularly. But I was in the mood today, for once. 960 more words

Run Longer: Tips To Build Endurance

Many newbie runners give up on running because within a mile (or less), their legs start to get sore, and they breathe like they’re a huff and a puff away from passing out.   317 more words

Do we need benefits?

One of the main ideas of left wing socialist parties is the beleif that socialism should be attained by taking from the rich and giving to the poor or, as is most commonly seen, imposing heavy governement taxes on the rich and giving governemnt aids or “hand outs” to the poor. 1,252 more words


Additional family hardship on the horizon

Additional family hardship on the horizon

Since the election an important debate has opened up over how far state benefits should be underpinning family living standards. 471 more words


Benefits and Scroungers

The kind of campaign Labour will be fighting once JC is elected.

Jeremy Corbyn