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Financial peace of mind does not need to be expensive or complex

Small businesses are up against a few challenges today. For almost all businesses, big or small, there 2 biggest expenses are going to be wages and benefits. 400 more words

Supplemental Employee Benefits


Why are people so against the idea of being alone? Alone time, of course, is different than loneliness, and depression. But carving out some “me time,” on the other hand, is a pretty awesome idea. 931 more words


Rationale v Emotion

You’ve probably read about the need to emphasize benefits rather than features in your advertising.

Another way of viewing that contrast is rationale v emotion… 169 more words

Direct Commerce

Top Ten Drafting PitFalls

There are rarely any shortages of high profile drafting disasters discussed in the press. One of the most famous is the ownership battle over the Los Angeles Dodgers where Frank McCourt put forth a copy of a post-nuptial contract in court that revealed if he and his wife ever divorced that he would be entitled to full ownership over the team. 475 more words


Top 11 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

This may be surprising but personal trainers do more than just walk around the gym with a clipboard. They are responsible for transforming their client’s health & fitness and are highly passionate about doing so. 1,389 more words


The Health Benefits of Beer

Beer for every occasion and more. Beer also possesses some terrific health advantages, which, if consumed in moderation, can boost your metabolism.