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Benevolence is an act of kindness or an inclination to be kind. Charity, kindness, considerate all are words that may be descriptive of benevolence. God expects us to show his love to those less fortunate. 619 more words

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True to her nature, Sontaya continued to stay in touch long after I had gallantly come to the rescue when her life was falling apart. For over a year she sent friendly emails on occasion, asking how I was doing. 459 more words


The Higher Road

This topic is one which most people (including myself) find most difficult to follow. It goes deeper than forgiveness. And as hard as pardoning others can be, what I am suggesting is to forget everything that someone else has done or is doing to you (while remaining safe at all times) and return to them heartfelt, warm feelings of understanding. 259 more words

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Before the Fruit

Remember the story in the Golden Book series about the red hen who begins the arduous process of planting, growing,harvesting and preparing the wheat to make bread? 855 more words

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How To Exist Today

Maybe today

I’ll just try to be benevolent.

 The simplicity of some goals are deceiving.


I will try my best.

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A Dollar Short

A message on managing money for the Messiah.

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Four months after I’d broken things off a second time with her, Sontaya’s birthday rolled around. Though there was no desire on my part to hook up again, I nevertheless wondered if she might be able to use some extra money for the occasion, so I emailed her about it. 375 more words