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TRUST - Faith and Belief

TRUST – a social phenomenon that can be linked to several aspects of life, personal, work, school, relationships and anything you can name. So what is “Trust”? 638 more words


God's Love, Bliss, and Goodness - Introduction

In this series I will spend a number of posts explaining why I think God is primarily loving, good, and blissful. I will argue that this is the dominant view of the Ultimate in most religions. 972 more words


I went from a living room to living in condos,

From eating one meal to organic tacos.

Moved from the condo to a mansion, the art of expansion, 244 more words



My friend, former coworker, and confidante Debra Dickey wrote today’s blog post. I never stop learning from this woman. Thank you, Debra.

In my experience, valor is a prevailing and significant part of kindness, faceted, inextricably entwined.  486 more words


Hobbes, Heysham, Halifax, Harrisburg...

Inbred chavs with empty lives. That’s what many people say that Morecambe is full of — rat-like Untermenschen seething with malice and desperate to find ways to forget their low status and the futility and meaninglessness of their existence. 281 more words


Sea Splitters

To most this looks like an empty parking spot.  To me it is much more.  It is a sea split wide open so someone can “walk right through it.”  In this empty space sat a car that was donated generously to the church in order to help a single mother.   778 more words

Unisex Names: Benevolence

The unisex name that’s been featured this month is a virtue name that’s not being used a lot for a long time, now brought to my attention by a… 585 more words

Unisex Names