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The Benevolence of Barnacles

Watching over the vessel with cold periscope eyes,
They partially bury the mine-damaged bow
Of the shadowy hulk that was lost for a century,
Tucked thirty metres deep below the North Sea. 275 more words


446.Facing our Dark Self: For the New to Grow, the Old Must Go

Self honesty is not nice or beautiful – Bernard Poolman

Facing the dark self or the ‘real nature of ourselves’ that we keep hidden and well wrapped behind a usual seemingly ‘good’ portrayal of ourselves is something that can be a bit tough to do or even understand for some that are not yet in a process of walking and understanding the process of self-honesty, yet at the same time I’m sure there are people in this world that are quite in contact with themselves and through investigating their within and without behind layers of self-deception, might have found that there is no connection between the idea that we like to keep of ourselves as ‘good people’ and our creations, which are our lives, our relationships and the state of this world.

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Disagree Benevolently


If we could agree

To disagree benevolently, rather

Than knife others in

Their backs…Peace, finally

© Delyn Merce & Stutter-Stepping Heart, 2016 ~ All rights reserved.


"Hey Big Man, Let Me Hold A Dollar!"

Okay, okay, in all deference to the John Boy and Billy Show, no one has actually used that particular line on me, but in my line of work benevolent requests are a regular occurrence. 1,067 more words


Sauerkraut Anyone? Practicing Hospitality with the 'Kraut

Each mid-September, (for I don’t know how many years), the folks at Zion Lutheran in Muscatine, Iowa (the church I’m called to serve as pastor) serves up some of the tastiest sauerkraut this side of the Atlantic. 710 more words

Kyla Jonas: melancholia

Words by Kyla Jonas
Photographs by Brandon Yung


I am trying to embroider all
of my apologies onto the
fleshy parts of my fingers. 365 more words


Believing in Good

Believing in Good

Pentecost 121


“The trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. 930 more words