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Have we failed to help the needy?

07.05.2015 Old Testament: Job 31.16–23

To read the Bible in a year, read Job 31–32 on July 5, In the year of our Lord 2015… 281 more words

The Book Of Job

The Greater Love

Hear thou my prayer, great God of opulence;
Give me no blessings, save as recompense
For blessings which I lovingly bestow
On needy stranger or on suffering foe. 158 more words


Two Book Updates

I’ve made a couple of updates to two of my books that have been available for a while. The first is God of Discord and Other Weird Tales… 337 more words


Essentials to Mentality in Life Built Around the Idea of Spectrums.

It’s not the mentality of the glass is (optimism) half full that makes it any more superior than the glass is (pessimism) half empty. It also doesn’t matter that you care that it is half full and half empty because you’re thirsty, you’d prefer there was water in it. 756 more words


Submission for Tuesdays at 10

I read up the rules for this week’s submission for Tuesdays at 10. I hope I’m doing this right. Here goes…

I find strength in… 126 more words


Homeless people- The Other Side

I pray the Lord open the hearts of many and we all learn to put our selves in other shoes.  The world is heartless and cold even, many times.   895 more words


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As reborn Christians, me as the father and breadwinner just became disabled, we were shunned, ousted, exploited, abused, assaulted, kidnapped, arrested, beaten and made homeless, mostly at the hands of people we worshipped with. Ousted by relatives. We did not give up on Jesus but I do not have respect for church people because, after 42 relocations and 34 churches, I have seen the same cold unlovingness as far as we went. Only recently did we get help, from someone in the USA, another in Awestralia. They did touch my heart which had accelerated inner healing. Yes, most homeless people don't want to improve but some of us are the collateral damage of others. We do need help to get onto our feet again yet we get rejected by the bulk of Christianity. I do not see the church fishing for lost souls in a passionate way. I see the cold chain freezing fish instead.

worst benevolence guy ever

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Reading: Boundaries

Writing about: Drawing the line, then kind of hating it.

Source Material, lost to the ages.

In College I read an article that changed my life. 603 more words