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Grinning for the camera

We ought not to accept awards for doing what we want. Genuflecting before some eminence turns us into schoolboys. If an award cannot be avoided, we must in the event be at least as graceless and discomBobulated as a certain songwriter. 15 more words

From The Counsellor


I speak with gentle consciousness

My words are being written on her heart

Remarkable is who she is, nothing less and so much more

Holding trust and respect in tender hand as I arrive at her door… 48 more words


“I could not turn away from anyone
Like you, a stranger, or refuse to help him.
I know well, being mortal, that my claim
Upon the future is no more than yours.” 548 more words

Full Engagement

Theme reveal for the month of June


“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.”-Al Bernstein

Yes, half a year is gone!

Time just slips away from our hands, isn’t it?

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Desires chart

I had toyed with the idea of labelling what is now “Desire 1” Positive Desires, “Desire 2” Neutral Desires, and “Desire 3” Negative Desires, but drew back because… 521 more words

Defining the affects: Spinoza's aphorisms

Emulation is a desire for a thing which is generated in us because we imagine that others have the same desire. (pp. 110, D XXXIII) 511 more words