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Taking the Plunge

It took me only a couple of days to decide I’d up the ante in order to continue the fun I’d been having with Bam. Not being interested in half measures, I gave her a thank you card with ten thousand baht ($300) in appreciation of her efforts to teach me some Thai. 454 more words


strange girl

She was a strange girl.

She didn’t believe in religion,

but found herself in church praying

so that maybe God would believe in her.


“Walking in God’s ways relates to the finest traits of character and their cultivation… the underlying principle being that a person must conduct himself with honesty and integrity in all his various actions… namely, all that moves toward the goal of true benevolence, meaning that it results in the strengthening of the Torah and the promotion of harmony within society.”

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A Comedic Connection

Beer Garden is located a couple blocks off of Sukhumvit Road, on Soi 7. It is what is known as a “freelancer bar”, a meat market in other words, where Thai women go to find a foreigner willing to part with some of his baht for a brief interlude of intimacy. 521 more words


Don't be to tempted to force people to be altruistic.

It is quite likely that altruism was one of the human traits which allowed our species to develop and progress. It is possible that this ability to behave in a way which is to the benefit of others, while being at our own expense, underpinned our development as a social animal. 1,386 more words



Hello, dear reader, this is a continuation of my discussion of the Seven Principles of Bioethics. The first was Autonomy and I’ll be writing more each day of the first week of 2017. 534 more words

Mental Health

The Evolution of Morality

I recently had dinner with an old friend from college. We don’t see each other much anymore, but we try to keep up with each other at least a little. 852 more words