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Porridge Bullet drop ANOTHER killer electro-Afro edit

Ahiwo Ahiwo! Move quick on this one too. There are still copies around online, but these won’t last long. The Estonian label Porridge Bullet have followed up the amazing… 143 more words

Ota Benga or An American Curiosity

During the earlier decades of the twentieth century, it was fashionable in the western world – both in the Americas and Europe, to conduct exhibitions of something foreign to their lands. 711 more words


Like you may have heard by now, reknown benga artist Sammy Murimi Nderi populary known as Murimi WaKahalf died late this the evening today.

According to sources close to him, Murimi had been admitted at Agakhan hospital for about three months where he was being treated for stomach related complications and had even stopped performing due to his failing health. 283 more words


Parakeet: Dancing in the mirror.

I should do this professionally. The music has never been clearer. My body never more languid. The beats are one with my heart. I could do this forever. 178 more words


Five for Five Concert, Nairobi Kenya

I got to attend the #5for5 concert that was held at the Nairobi National park.

It was a great event and was held to celebrate the big 5. 8 more words


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