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Cholar Dal

Cholar Dal is a very popular Bengali dish that is often made for festive celebrations in Bengal, specially for Durga Poojo bhog. This dal was introduced to me by my husband (who is a bengali) and instantly became my favorite. 243 more words

Gluten Free


Ghugni is a classic Bihari cuisine recipe! As you travel along the streets of Bihar, you are sure to find this wonder, served with hot Pooris or parched grain! 572 more words

Main Course

Bhopla Chana Dal (Pumpkin & Bengal Gram)

The tenderness of the Pumpkin flesh and the firmness of the little bullets of Chana dal gives this dish its contrasting textures. Our dinner patrons enjoyed this with phulkas and yellow dal with rice. 8 more words

Food Pics

Channa in Sheep's Clothing

That right there is a Shammi Kebab. It looks divine – juicy and lightly charred. The fragrant aroma of Oriental spices hits you first. It tastes delicious –  rich and meaty followed by a wonderful nutty texture that just crumbles in your mouth. 261 more words

White Channa (Chickpea/Bengal Gram) Curry

I was 17 when I first encountered this dish. I was asked to prepare this recipe in the cookery lab of my undergraduate course. This was in 1963 and I used brown channa; white channa was rarely available in Chennai at that time. 471 more words


Bengal Gram Curry

The slurpy Curry.

Chana daal or Bengal gram, is a yellow lentil. This multipurpose lentil is used in making gram flour (besan) or the base of a curry as a paste form or chutney as a side dish. 483 more words


Channa Doce  (Bengal Gram Fudge)

Channa Doce is nothing but Bengal Gram Sweets / Fudge, this is Goan Traditional Sweets with few ingredients but ample of patience and tremendous amount of stirring. 564 more words