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Saving Tigers 101

So, we want to save tigers . . . how do we do that? I don’t know about you, but when I think about tiger conservation the first thing that comes to my mind is working on some kind of field research project like this . 592 more words

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Mr Nixon's tiger trophy

Museum Visitor Experience Creator, Clare McNamara, chooses a tiger skin rug as her item to talk about.  So why would a professed animal lover and caregiver to two black female kittens – Tuff Titty and one whose name keeps changing (Wonder Woman/My Little Pony/Witch) but answers to anything really – choose a once majestic feline which ended its days as a floor covering?  608 more words


Predatory Stripes

A Bengal Tiger takes an afternoon stroll within it’s enclosure at the Dehiwala Zoo, Sri Lanka. Taken on 8th September 2014. Canon EOS 650D. 18-135mm lens at 106mm, 1/100, f/11, and ISO 800.

Sri Lanka

Click! Camera Traps!

So, I’m sure the first question you have is, “What is a camera trap?” Camera traps are a type of technology used to obtain critical data on wildlife and habitats. 484 more words

Big Cats