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Benghazi Survivor Speaks Out Against Hillary/Obama and ISIS Funding - YouTube


In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Benghazi survivor John Tiegen on how he thinks Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are implicated in the incident. 31 more words


Benghazi Through the Ages | بنغازي عبر التاريخ

The Libyan historian Hadi Bulugma produced a series of books in Arabic on the history of Benghazi entitled بنغازي عبر التاريخ. He also made an abbreviated English version, the first volume of which (I am not sure that the second and third volumes were ever finished) concentrates on the geography and geographical history of the city. 19 more words


Fourteen killed in Libya 'summary executions'

Reports from the Libyan city of Benghazi say the bodies of 14 people have been found and that they may have been victims of execution-style killings. 44 more words


Patricia Smith, Mother of Benghazi

Patricia Smith, Mother of Benghazi Victim, Gives Emotional Speech at Republican Convention (7-18-16)

The strength of this woman, she lost her son in one of the most heinous of ways and she gets on stage in front of millions to talk about it because she knows it needs to be talked about. 78 more words

National Politics

Of Course Clinton Wants a VEEP with National Security Experience

It’s generally believed that a presidential running mate is selected to mitigate the criticisms one has of the candidate at the top of the ticket. So if the main candidate is seen as weak on certain issues, selecting a running mate known for those issues is the way to go. 716 more words

Hillary Clinton

Republican convention: Red meat turns rancid, mean, and poisonous

Two down, two to go. Days, that is, of the Republican National Convention.

I’m not watching gavel to gavel. I have a life. But, as a political junkie, I’m drawn to watch the evening activities, as deplorable as they are. 800 more words