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Hillary Clinton and the seven dwarfs

By Tom Quiner

The name Hillary Rodham Clinton engenders waves of revulsion in the typical conservative.

The root cause of this animus isn’t partisan politics; it is phoniness. 664 more words


HRC looking suddenly vulnerable

What’s the opposite of “invincible”?

Is it, say, “vincible”?

Suddenly and with little warning, the chatterers of Washington and in some key political hot spots are starting to wonder aloud whether the once seemingly invincible Hillary Rodham Clinton might actually… 310 more words

National News

Requested Benghazi Pre-Attack and on site Documents

EEV: I am providing these documents from three  primary sources in request to Benghazi.. (Foreign Policy (Yellowed Documents Found on Site), Judicial Watch, Daily Mail )  Full Judicial PDF: Here


For those wanting to know what HDR22 means in HDR22@ClintonEmail.com

EEV: This is one of the likely explanations of HDR, the 22 being the 220 million people assisted. Not the most exciting intel explanation, which is also probably why it was easily hacked through  Blumenthal’s account by Guccifer in early 2013.   483 more words


Petraeus Mistress Got Black Books Full of Code Words, Spy Names, and Obama Briefings

“ All eight books “collectively contained classified information regarding the identifies of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities and mechanisms, diplomatic discussions, quotes and deliberative discussions from high-level National Security Council meetings… and discussions with the president of the United States.” 940 more words