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Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens | Aaron Klein - Breitbart

An email containing the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through Hillary Clinton’s private server, dispatches released Monday in the final group of messages from Clinton’s emails reveal. 125 more words

2016 Presidential Campaign

Hillary for President

Pretty much sums the facts up.  I’m voting for Trump and against Democrats.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Epi-Pen Scandal

Hillary is pretending to be outraged by this scandal but it has Democrat fingerprints all over it.

If you didn’t know, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter, Heather Bausch, is the CEO of EpiPen maker Mylan, but many have no idea how much the left has ruined the pharmaceutical industry.

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Judge Orders New Benghazi Emails Released

U.S. District Judge William Dimitrouleas ruled that the State Department must release emails related to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, by Sept. 13. That means even more potentially embarrassing information will dribble out weeks before the election, when American voters will be most engaged.

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Hillary Clinton

Judge Orders Release of Hillary's Emails From Week of Benghazi Attack

A U.S. judge ordered the State Department on Thursday to release by Sept. 13 any emails it finds between Hillary Clinton and the White House from the week of the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, among the thousands of additional emails uncovered by federal investigators. 434 more words


Come out, come out wherever you are Hillary. Why are you hiding???

What does it say about a Presidential candidate when they have not done a press conference in over 263 days? To me it  says that candidate is hiding and is trying to cover up something. 1,108 more words

Racist Hillary

Trump called her a Bigot, something I personally agree with, but I suppose she is also the poster politician for HYPOCRISY

–Pastor Ward