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Schooling Journalists: Attkisson Takes On Columbia Journalism Review *Open Thread*

It is no secret that journalism has fallen far in this country. Heck, it is hard to even consider it “journalism.” More like muck-raking, ideologically driven rumors and innuendo, and a rush to judgment in certain cases to push a political ideology. 1,154 more words

The CIA Has Been Made A Mockery By Obama

We must remember that the intelligence agencies are appointees of the president. In the case of the FBI Director James Comey its a ten year tenure but a president can dismiss him at any time. 681 more words

David Meadows: Understanding Russia’s proxy war in eastern Ukraine

By David J. Meadows. Published Aug. 22, 2014

Since April 2014, Russia has been waging a proxy war in eastern Ukraine, through its increasingly escalating support of pro-Russian separatists in the ersatz Donetsk Peoples Republic and Luhansk Peoples Republic. 117 more words

The Ukrainian Coup

FSA Syrian Rebels Shoot down Syrian Army Helicopter with an SA-7

First get familiar with the SA-7

Now you’re ready to shoot down a Syrian Army Helicopter. It’s that easy


The East Libya Dilemma

Why would a city that rose up against dictatorship and oppression suddenly embrace totalitarianism once more, less than five years later? This is the question that many are speculating on these days, following the almost near total control of Eastern Libya by the Libyan National Army (LNA). 837 more words


Recent Fighting in Benghazi Between Khalifa Haftar's LNA and the Benghazi Revolutionaries' Shura Council

The eastern Libyan city of Benghazi is the site of an ongoing battle with wider ramifications for Libya’s future. On the one side are the anti-Islamist leader Khalifa Haftar and his would-be Libyan National Army (LNA). 277 more words