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Harry Reid’s Real Reason For Retiring? Think again..!

Harry Reid’s Real Reason For Retiring? Think again..!

Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate leader from Nevada, has announced he will not be seeking reelection to his U.S. 499 more words

American History

Trouble For 2016 Democrat Front Runner.... Well....

A storm is brewing, and only viable candidate the Democrat Party has for 2016, Hilary Clinton, is running out of ports to hide in. As we should all be aware of by now, while serving as Secretary of State Mrs. 1,346 more words

IT SEEMS H.CLINTON HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE ABOUT THE BENGHAZIGATE:Hillary Clinton wiped email server clean, refuses to turn it over

IT SEEMS H.CLINTON HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE ABOUT THE BENGHAZIGATE:Hillary Clinton wiped email server clean, refuses to turn it over

Isn’t this grand? Mrs. Clinton is above the law! 820 more words


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Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President B... Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Valerie Jarrett, the Empress of Spite, snitched on Hillary. Why? Ask the Bitch Voodoo Iranian Queen of Doom. If I can figure out that there were high-stakes, high dollar arms deals going on in Benghazi, and that Stevens was assassinated because he knew too much, and Clinton was CYOA for all incolved including herself, then I do believe all this obfuscation and cover-up has served the same reason the 9/11 cover-up, the Oklahoma city bombing coverup, the Boston Marathon coverup, the Sandy Hook cover-up, and yes, the Qadaffi Assassination cover-up has served. The ultimate cover-up is the liars, murders, thieves and gangsters that have sucked the wealth from the American people since 1913, and their major coup upon the assassination of Pres. Kennedy in 1963. They have slaughtered our soldiers in their useless moneygrubbing wars and swelled like ticks on blood money from their endless genocidal deprivations. Now they want a great, big war -- endless wars of endless profit for themselves and endless deprivation and slavery for all mankind. They don't care. They have already arbitrated who will live and who will die. Are you on their kill list? Probably. 75% of mankind is.

A Fragmented Country

The other day I had attended the screening of a film entitled ‘Prosecutor’. It was about Luis Moreno Ocambo, the eponymous prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, detailing his work with regards to African countries. 980 more words


Run Hillary, RUN! She Wiped The Emails

As the RNC is pointing out, even Nixon didn’t wipe the tapes:

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean

Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi said Friday. 503 more words


THE PANTSUIT REPORT: Hillary Did Nothing Wrong, You Know How You Can Tell?

…After her representatives determined which emails were government-related and which were private, a setting on the account was changed to retain only emails sent in the previous 60 days, her lawyer, David Kendall, said. 407 more words


Conspiracy Anyone? Hillary Deletes Benghazi Emails After House Request

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Hillary Clinton has reacted to a House Select Committee request to hand over the private servers she used to maintain correspondence on matters of official State Department business, by deleting everything she had on her server. 536 more words