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Hillary, Benghazi, etc.

The U.S. Ambassador to Lybia, was killed when rebels attacked the U.S. embassy. Was Hillary responsible? Every time Clinton attacks Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience, she will open herself up for criticism on her handling of Benghazi. 7 more words

Don't Cry for Me Hillary Clinton

The truth is, I just don’t like you.

According to conventional wisdom, I should vote for Hillary Clinton because she will fight for my rights as a woman.  577 more words

Last Of The Baby Boomer Generation

Book Review: 13 Horas - Os Soldados Secretos de Benghazi, de Mitchell Zuckoff

O livro desenvolvido por Mitchell Zuckoff e os cinco operadores sobrevivente – 13 horas – acompanha ao pormenor os ataques de 11 de Setembro de 2012… 1,554 more words

"The Hysteria Of The Hillary Haters": An Exaggerated Animosity Lacking Any Rational Connection To Reality

Over the past few weeks, Republican politicians and party officials have begun the dreary and demoralizing work of reconciling themselves to the prospect of Donald Trump serving as the GOP’s presidential nominee. 997 more words


Hillary Clinton, the crooked. A Limerick.

Is Hillary crooked, or what?

But qualified? Anything but.

in Benghazi four died.

To the parents she lied.

She didn’t care diddily squat.

To add insult to injury, when confronted by the parents claim she blamed a video for the Benghazi “incident”, she claimed she didn’t say that and that the parents were the ones who lied. 84 more words


"House Republicans Want To Impeach Someone, Anyone": Republicans Get Serious About Impeachment, But Not Obama’s

Quick quiz: when was the last time the U.S. Congress actually impeached an appointed executive branch official? It was 1876 – 140 years ago – when the House impeached Ulysses S. 672 more words

Paul Ryan