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WoW Trump Effect - CNBC Charging $250,000 Per 30 Second GOP Debate Commercial...

NEW YORK – CNBC is asking advertisers to pay a cool $250,000 to get their 30-second spot on the third Republican presidential debate, The Post has learned. 179 more words

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Everybody makes money from a popular person, if Trump wasn't there they would get half that amount at best, probably a lot less.

"First Rule Of GOP Politics": Never, Never, EVER Tell The Truth

Incoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy just committed a “gaffe” in Michael Kinsley’s sense of the term: in an unguarded moment, he allowed himself to tell the truth… 301 more words

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Lying Liars Gotta Lie

The Hill reports the one of the Democrats talking points used to trash the special committee investigating the Benghazi fiasco is false.


Polling Convergence - OAN/GRAVIS and Reuters Show Donald Trump Surging With 34 - 35% Support...

Reuters Trend Polling and OAN/Gravis Polling have each announced and updated Presidential Polling for the GOP race 2016.   The results are exceptionally similar.  Both polling outcomes reflect Donald Trump with a massive lead amid the rest of the field. 392 more words

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So far so good Trump stays in the lead and pulls ahead while the RNC minions are left behind. I wish the Cruz would get more traction he is a good guy with lots to offer.

Can Hillary Recover From A Fall?

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If Joe Biden runs, can Hillary survive a fall (I mean a drop in the polls)? The Republican Party, for the first time in history, has been spending time, energy, resources, personnel boosting Joe Biden’s ego and yes even goes as far as marketing the vice president as a formidable candidate. 954 more words

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Hell hath no furry as a nation scorned.

As a nation, it’s time to rise. As a nation, it’s time to say enough. As a nation, it’s time to reclaim our honor. As a nation, we must be vigilant. 366 more words

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"A Political Strategy To Bring Down Hillary Clinton": GOP Leader Tries To Undo Damage After Benghazi Concession

On Tuesday night, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) acknowledged a fact that everyone knows, but which Republicans aren’t supposed to admit out loud: the GOP’s taxpayer-financed Benghazi committee is all about the Republicans’ “strategy to fight and win” against Hillary Clinton. 491 more words