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This is a Land of Wolves Now in Sicario

In Roman ruled Judea, Jewish zealots used daggers hidden in cloaks to kill their oppressors and were thus dubbed in Latin…”Sicarious”…or dagger men.  Though most of the killing in Denis Villeneuve’s latest master class in vexatious suspense is done with machine guns, there’s a climax building scene where cinematographer god Roger Deakins photographs the character Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) descending into the purple-hued darkness of a drug tunnel as he unsheathes a dagger that will make your skin scrawl. 363 more words


Review: SICARIO (2015)

Jika dibuat sebuah list tentang sutradara yang masih aktif dan sejauh ini karya-karyanya tidak pernah jelek dan selalu memuaskan, Denis Villeneuve pasti akan masuk kedalam list tersebut. 475 more words


Sicario (2015) - Movie Review

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Written by: Taylor Sheridan 

Starring: Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin

Sicario, meaning ‘hitman’ in Spanish, tells the story of a young FBI agent, play by Emily Blunt, who works in the hostage-response team, and volunteers to join a team to tackle the head of drug-related crime all along the U.S-Mexican border. 625 more words

Movie Review

Sicario - Powerful, Intense and Thrilling - Good Watch

Sicario is a pretty intense movie has a ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ kind of touch as it is Go let’s get him kind of movie but this time it is the Drug cartel head. 158 more words



“Sicario” states with a nihilistic tone that the war on drugs will never end and that you have to fight evil with evil. It’s also a very convincing look at how crippling cartel activity is in Mexico. 354 more words



As the weather grows more and more bitter, we see the irony take shape as the best films come out to reveal themselves. October has kicked off with some good film openings, but the one I’m immediately recommending is Denis Villeneuve’s latest nail biter  740 more words



Real chemistry can be seen between Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt in “Sicario” , a thriller/revenge morality tale. The CIA,the FBI and the Columbian and Mexican drug cartels make for grisly images,procedural tinkerings, and “big picture” overviews of anti-drug soldiering. 460 more words