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Prostate Arterial Embolization To Treat Prostate Enlargement

Andrew Siegel MD  2/18/17

Note: Today’s entry was supposed to be on the topic of female stress incontinence, but this very interesting prostate topic presented itself to me, so the female incontinence entries will be continued next week. 1,054 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Prostate Steaming For Better Urinary Streaming

Andrew Siegel MD 11/12/2016

A new, minimally invasive procedure for treating symptomatic prostate enlargement has been tested in clinical trials and has been shown to be safe and effective. 812 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

The Care and Feeding of the Enlarged Prostate Gland

If you are a man, then you have a prostate gland.  If you have a prostate gland, then you are likely to be one of the 14 million American men who experience bothersome symptoms beginning around age 50.  1,100 more words

Don’t Beat the Band to Treat the Enlarged Prostrate Gland

The prostate is just a walnut sized gland that forms a part of the male reproductive system. The gland is constructed of two lobes, or areas, surrounded by an outer layer of tissue. 632 more words

Prostate Cancer

What do Jose Torres, John Kerry, and Jerry Lewis have in common?  They all have prostate cancer and have been successfully treated.  Nearly 250,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and nearly 30,000 men will die of prostate cancer.  365 more words

FAQs on the Enlarged Prostate

What is BPH?
 Benign prostatic hyperplasia is commonly known as enlarged prostate. BPH is a non-cancerous condition in which prostate cells grow, enlarging the gland and causing it to squeeze the urethra. 394 more words