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Christmas came early this year

There are just so many things that should excite me in the coming days. There’s the Coldplay concert next week, the family trip pre-Christmas, and most of all, spending Christmas and New Year back home. 319 more words


What is Skin tag?

Hello everyone!

I’d like to ask if you’ve ever had something on your skin which is kind of annoying? Or maybe, it looks like a bump with a small size that grows bigger? 697 more words


Fresh from the colonoscopy 2 weeks ago, I received results: two polyps… 

Benign adenomas, precancerous, come back in a year… *Sigh*…

It was disappointing learning of the polyps since it has been only one year since the… 933 more words

Why Does My Body Betray Me?

this is the word you want to be


There’s a word you’re listening for; listening for with all of your heart. The doctor might give you ten thousand words, but no other stands out like this one; none gives you such clarity and relief. 442 more words


If I Stand

There are a lot of songs that I love and that mean something to me but none have meant more to me in this year of emotional turmoil than Rich Mullins’s If I Stand. 338 more words


Old man poet is sleeping benignly
Under his jasmines smelling stars .

Thank stars he is sleeping benignly.
He is fine by a pathologists report. 39 more words



Pain has a sobering quality about it. It rips you from fantasy and grounds you in the present moment. You have no other option but to abandon your fears and distractions and to focus on the somatic. 318 more words

Breast Cancer