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When someone you love has cancer

Before my mom, my family had one very brief contact with cancer.  The day we learned my aunt had cancer was also the day that she died, so I suppose we didn’t really have to deal with cancer as much as her death. 406 more words

The Problem with Awareness - Annie's Story

I talked to a friend of mine tonight. She had found a lump in her breast back in May, about the size of a marble. 416 more words

Jergon Sacha - Dracontium loretense Krause


Scientific name:
Dracontium loretense Krause.

Common name:
Fer de lance; Grass pallet; Sacha pallet; Hurignpe (Amarakaeri) Magoro (Machiguenga), Rod X (Ecuador); Ronon and Shanvi Yora rao (shipiboconibo); See (Ese Eja); Shando rao (Amahuaca). 405 more words

Herbal Medicine

Hooray, I Don't Have Breast Cancer!

I had my biopsy on Wednesday of last week. I guess I was way more nervous than I thought because I ended up with a nasty respiratory tract infection that required some serious medications (Z-Pac, codeine cough medicine, and an inhaler). 333 more words

I Don't Trust Gurus

I don’t trust gurus
Or anyone with answers for that matter
Poisoned hearts or benign jerks
If forced to decide, I’ll take the latter







Brain Tumour

Recovery After Surgery

Recovery Room

After the surgery I was ushered into a recovery area with constant monitoring. Feeling a little groggy and not quite with it I did have a major issue with my neck. 512 more words

Brain Tumour