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This year we all 3 went to the dermatologist for a full body-scan. and I mean full. wow. i’m so glad she was a she. 647 more words

Lanscape Of Loss

Such a pain

We all have pet peeves, right?  Habits that make our skin crawl, sounds that are like fingernails on a blackboard  (google it, millenials).  But anymore, some of my worst peeves are stupid dangerous myths and conspiracy theories.    509 more words

Breast Cancer

Tumor Tightrope

I believe that God has done a miracle for me.  Yet again.

Now, I have a tumor marker going through the roof and an unexpected weight loss and a tumor lighting up on a PET scan and pain on my side where the tumor is and every doctor I’ve seen has been sure the tumor is cancerous, and I even went in for the radiation work-up and have two full weeks of radiations scheduled – starting Monday at 3 pm – and there’s a follow up scheduled with my oncologist to talk about chemotherapy.  550 more words


Books and Films are my new Mistress!

“Medicine is my lawful wife but literature is my mistress. When I get bored with one, I spend my night with the other.” – Chekhov, Anton (1888) 166 more words

Stomach Pain

Probably Benign

Two years ago one of my best friends died of cancer. She had no idea at first that she had cancer; she just knew she was in a lot of pain. 1,385 more words


A week lumpless.

1 week, 36 water bottles, 3 Netflix series and 5000 complaints later and I am officially lumpless. Here are some pictures of my progress since having my parotidectomy done this time last week. 119 more words


Prostate enlargement, Cancer, Symptoms, Causes.

It’s perfectly normal for a man’s prostate to grow throughout his adult life. For some men, this doesn’t bring about any serious symptoms, but for others, an enlarged prostate can lead to issues that affect not just prostate health, but their quality of life. 1,004 more words