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You may think getting diagnosed with 2 brain tumors and a hereditary cancer syndrome is bad?

Try getting denied for disability.

This is actually worse. 71 more words


Ovarian Teratoma

What is ovarian teratoma? Ovarian teratoma is a benign or malignant tumor belonging to a group of germ cell tumors. It develops from germ cells and can be composed of different cell types from all the germ layers. 17 more words

The Sweetest Word

I got a card in the mail from my OB/GYN office this week. Just a simple card with a couple of check marks and one beautiful, glorious word: “benign.” 103 more words


Serous Cystadenoma

What is serous cystadenoma? Serous cystadenoma is a benign neoplasm that is usually present either in ovaries or in pancreas. The cyst is usually unilocular, but it can be multilocular. 26 more words

Deceived for my own good

I’m a fair-skinned bloke so having moles seem pretty normal; in fact, I have a good few across my body.  One particular mole on my back changed in colour and shape (yes, as if I could see this) and this is apparently not a good sign.   495 more words

Surgery & Gratitude

If you want the short version of this post, here it is:

My hysterectomy on March 7th went well. My doctor found fibroids which looked benign. 1,593 more words

Healing Journey