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Keeping abreast of it all ...

Well there’s nothing like a trip to the local breast health clinic to put a few things into perspective.

Especially when it’s your third time in four years – you do begin to think: ‘how many times is this going to happen – and how many times is it going to turn out OK?   543 more words

9 Out Of 10 Breast Lumps

2 Days until my surgery.

I’m feeling anxious about my upcoming surgery on Wednesday. The plan is to have a lobectomy on my left lobe. I have a large mass measuring 4.9 cm (almost 2 inches) and I have trouble swallowing. 20 more words

Thyroid Surgery

I schedule a thyroid biopsy.

I got for a FNA biopsy.  The doctor inserts 3 separate needles into the nodule and withdraws fluid.  The fluid and cells are set out to a lap for results.   39 more words

Parental Games

As rivalries go,

college sports is quite benign.

What is the most malignant?


A big contender 

must be parents who don’t see

  games for what they’re meant to be. 


Phoenix Renaissance

Like the Phoenix raising from ashen flames

the pitch – black darkness of nightly yonder

A void caused momentarily by a taste of hopeless terror… 64 more words

Poetry & Spoken Word

Oh for the love of basketball!

Hello friends.  I want to start this blog by saying I’m not a doctor.  Nor a nurse.  I can bandage a mean cut, but let’s not get carried away.  306 more words


Would You Like An Autoimmune Disorder With Your Autoimmune Disorder? (Meanwhile, Part 5.5)

Just to round up the story, in the middle of the acid reducers, and the allergy tests, and the EOE diagnosis, I had surgery to remove that… 90 more words