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Time and me

Sand slides through at a constant speed

Forming a pit, pouring into a heap.

The lava lamp continues

Rhythmic fusion and fission of patterns

I sit like a rock by the water peering deep… 9 more words


Sunshine…for All

‘Let there be sunshine

in your mornings and days

and all your life!’

Thus spake

the vibrant landscape –

colourful flowers and surroundings green,

beaming with cheer and love… 13 more words


Weird baby

The baby was benign

With no apertures or sutures

No belly button

No open ears.

Just a mouth and nostrils

To speak and breathe

No maternal connection… 59 more words


Happy Mothers Day

A recent experience has shown me that some patients don’t confide in their parents and parents don’t always talk to their siblings about the deeper things, feelings, emotions and fear. 81 more words

Brain Tumour

March on.


Of feeling old when young

And young when body’s old.


Of being true

When the soul is sold.

Being rational

Vis a vis following the heart… 82 more words


WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Typical

It wasn’t going to be a typical day

Something in the water told me right away

Whole lot of teeth for just one smile

Might be worse that a crocodile… 92 more words

Photographs & Memories

Upside down

Seasons of flowers and thorns

Of blossoms and circuits

That connect two worlds

As human speech and parakeets.

Upside down view

To look at this link… 10 more words

On Nature