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The date 23rd July 2016 marks the 2nd anniversary of having surgery to remove a brain tumour. While an anniversary usually celebrates a happy occasion, this is  something worth celebrating as I have had no further growth.  129 more words

Brain Tumour

Two Faces

Yes, I have two faces.

The Good and the Evil.

The benign loves you unconditionally.

The vile sets up plots and plans to make you mine.



All the mistakes we make are like trade marks we do to our skin. It looks like a deep, rotten purple scar that feels painful each time something or someone touches it. 557 more words

My lumpy thyroid

Over the past 12 months I’ve gone through the process of diagnosis for a lump that I found in my neck – thankfully benign: a type of follicular neoplasm called a follicular adenoma. 1,027 more words


Nine days ago, I went into the doctor and had a biopsy done on a bump on my arm. I got the results back today: benign. 31 more words

Real Life

Superficially Benign! Autism Speaks

Welcome to the first installment of the series Superficially Benign! We’ll be looking at people and organizations whose thin patina of altruism can’t hide the stench of their misconduct. 812 more words