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Trump Fails Melania Again and Again

Forget the allegations of being unfaithful.  Maybe Melania knew when she married The Donald that he would be unfaithful!  Maybe Melania knew when she was photographed with Donald and Playboy bunnies, that chances were good that he was sleeping with at least one of them. 737 more words


You started shy to touch me

I woke up at midnight to the sight of bushbaby eyes

Startlingly bright

I pulled you in, leading touch… 385 more words


Cancer in Disguise of Anemia

Plasma cell neoplasm that sounds Greek and Latin to a common man is a disease that makes too many plasma cells in blood. This is confused with Anemia which is not so alarming as the former. 146 more words

Detect tumour from brain MRI (matlab)

Get the code from here:
Watch code from here:

This code reads MRI brain scans (.mha file) on matlab with a very clear GUI that can show all the 3D scans in very good way another option is a direct image file, then it process MRI brain images to detect tumor if exist or not if it does exist then by using machine learning this tumour can be classified as benign or malignant. 80 more words

My Lightning

There once was a woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a writer, a child of God. In that order.

She was interrupted. It was a lightning strike. 124 more words

Personal Journey

365 reasons to smile ~ 7.

7. When its benign!

#throwback Jan 7, 2016

Oh, I had forgotten about this! My partners results had come back as clear. Fuck did we breath a sigh of relief xo


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