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Benihana Teppanyaki Restaurant Experience

First of all, thank you all for liking my travel blogs. I promise I will finish my Italy post this month. Today, I will share with you my experience in Benihana. 122 more words


Onion Volcano

No, I didn’t bite into an onion and cause myself a volcano of tears…I went to Benihana!! If you don’t know of Benihana, it is a American based restaurant that specialises in Japanese cuisine.Yum Yum! 291 more words


“You sound like McDonald’s, I sound like BENIHANA.” ~ Russ

A Saturday afternoon, under the hot saudi sun. My mentor & older brother Fahad invites me to have lunch. 389 more words


Meanwhile over at Benihana......

Chef Dave is preparing a special authentic Japanese cuisine for his dinner guests.

“Has anyone seen my index finger?”

Sale Of The Century

Day 671 (Year 2, Day 302)

A Benihana birthday (my first)! The mini hats were stoked to have another event! A few of them got carried away and went home with some dudes 😱 not judging, they are free mini hats. 7 more words


Happy Hour Monday: Benihana

I used to come here with a girl I hung out with for a while. We’d go to musicals at the 5th Avenue Theatre, which was just across the street, after happy hour here. 143 more words