Everyone now sees fascists

An excerpt from Brendan O’Neill’s essay, Bolsonaro is not a fascist, on the danger of branding everyone a fascist; something rather than genuinely foreboding, becoming a sign of intellectual laziness. 1,328 more words


Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

Ron Berger —

Last November I was one of two speakers at a forum on “Fascism and the Holocaust in Historical and Contemporary Perspective” that was part of the Baeumler-Kaplan Holocaust Memorial Lecture Series at the University of Minnesota Duluth. 2,992 more words

Politics And Economics

Pope Francis: The First Years of Francis

Today we celebrate the 82nd birthday of Pope Francis.

Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 December 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Mario José Bergoglio and Regina María Sívori. 186 more words

Person Of The Day

There are many ways to go mad...

The clip below is of a live performance by Irish folk artist Lisa O’Neill (who is from Cavan) of her own song, `Violet Gibson’. I heard the studio version from her CD on the radio the other day and the first line really caught my attention. 261 more words


On this day: Anti-Semitism in Italy

This is the cover of Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera from the 11th of November, 1938. The headline announces the country’s fascist government approving Italian Racial Laws… 56 more words


80 years since the Munich Agreement: how appeasement brought to war

If history has taught us a something is that appeasement can be noble but sometimes it is harmful: 80 years ago people thought that peace was possible and that it was enough to reach compromises in order to avoid a new conflict; people believed that Hitler could be controlled and that he would stick to his words, but this has not happened because Hitler could not be trusted and trying to appease him meant procrastinating a war whilst people were killed and tyranny spread in all Europe with the risk to become a victim of it as well. 1,113 more words