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The Infiltrator

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Director : Brad Furman
Cast : Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, John Leguizamo, Benjamin Bratt, Juliet Aubrey, Yul Vasquez, Amy Ryan, Said Taghmaoui, Jason Isaacs… 854 more words

The Infiltrator is just on the high end of OK

Steven James

Nothing special stands out about The Infiltrator. The movie is full of clichés and weird editing. Keeping up with all of the colorful characters is difficult, which is bad, because nearly every character we see is important to the story. 1,134 more words


"The Infiltrator"



The true story of an undercover customs agent who infiltrated Pablo Escobar’s drug trafficking ring in the mid-1980s is given the big screen treatment in “The Infiltrator,” the latest in a series of forgettable drugs are bad / cops are good movies. 311 more words

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The Infiltrator (2016)

In the mid 1980s, Pablo Escobar and his cartel were responsible for billions of dollars worth of narcotics filtering into the United States. It’s the kind of work that can fill up Robert Mazur’s (Bryan Cranston) career. 1,550 more words


The Infiltrator Review


Movies about the drug cartel are a dime a dozen, probing the necessary fields of law enforcement / individuals in the shady back-door dealings of money laundering, drugs, kingpins, and the violent acts that go along with this dangerous business. 1,338 more words


"The Infiltrator"

“The Infiltrator”
Directed by Brad Furman

“The Infiltrator”, a well-directed and tautly-written Bryan Cranston vanity piece, is a fine addition to the pantheon of  Undercover-Cop films that dot the cultural landscape. 406 more words

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Flash Movie Review: The Infiltrator

I tried throwing out several different topics but they would always steer the conversation back to their job. If I made reference to something that happened to me they would match the experience with someone in their office. 506 more words