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BREAKING: Benjamin Button is Based on a True Story

Okay, that was total click-bait. I apologize.  But it’s one of my favorite stories about my Mother-in-Law, Dot. In honor of the Oscars, I thought I’d do a movie post.   182 more words


Taraji P. Henson

This beautiful, acting powerhouse is currently a fabulous FORTY FOUR (44)!! DOB 09/11/1970

She has starred in feature films alongside some of the biggest names in the business. 212 more words

Famous 40's

How I've lived my life backwards -OR- (The Accidental Consequence of Responsibility)

My sister was born when I was six years old. We are the best of friends and the most creative nemeses. She has been known to say that I’ve raised her – not because our parents weren’t around to do that, but simply because I was willing to. 913 more words

Barber shames misbehaving kids with 'old man' haircuts

A Georgia barber has started offering haircuts for misbehaving kids that he calls the “Benjamin Button Special.” The haircut is considered a form of punishment because it makes young boys look like old men. 210 more words


Benjamin Button Haircut For Kids That Misbehave

Kids will misbehave- it’s as sure a thing as death and taxes. And when kids misbehave, they need to immediately and effectively be punished for their behavior. 608 more words


Global's The Morning Show hosts get the 'Benjamin Button' treatment

WATCH: A barber in Georgia is now offering a “Benjamin Button” haircut for naughty children, telling them if you want to act like an adult, then you’ll get a haircut that “ages” them to look old. 234 more words


Barber will give your misbehaving kid an 'old man' haircut

SNELLVILLE, Georgia (PIX11) – Has your child been misbehaving or “acting grown” lately?

A barber in suburban Atlanta says one of his “Benjamin Button” special haircuts will set them straight. 166 more words