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The Birth of the Old Baby

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a story in the 1920s, some years ago made into a movie, about a baby who is born old. Benjamin Button was born wrinkled, with weak bones and weak sight, to the point his father was disgusted and left him at someone’s doorstep. 535 more words


Love, Benjamin Button

Dear, Daisy

By the time you read this, I’d have already aged far backward
Seems that life left us something seemin’ly untoward
Remember the time our eyes first crossed? 375 more words



By Tim Shin

December 16, 2016

BEIJING, CHINA — Following recent comments that Trump was “very childish and impulsive” by China’s state-run newspaper, the paper revealed the reason behind these comments: Chinese scientists believe Trump may be suffering from Reverse Benjamin Button Syndrome (RBBS). 208 more words

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

*spoilers or whatever*

This movie was a lot different than I expected and I don’t fully know why. I think it may have had to do with the plot. 297 more words

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mgs and chillin

So now due to a plethora of idealities, mentalities, differences and countless issues that can only be sorted out well enough to completely sort out a number of games maybe, challenges, rape cases, fraudulent debauchery, homicide and theft; we just have to be careful and cautious enough to know that to stay alive it could get or end up being a norm of when we would be confusedly lost asking ourselves ‘why’, ‘where did we go wrong’ et al and arming ourselves…yes. 174 more words

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If I was Benjamin Button? 

The curious case of Benjamin Button is a story where a person lives his life in reverse order. He was an adult at birth and by the end of his life, he becomes a child. 231 more words

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