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How to pronounce the letter 'w'

The greying bespectacled chap, probably in his 50s, is conducting the survey on behalf of the government and towards the end of the tedious session, asks to confirm my name. 50 more words

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Alumnus, alumna & alumni

Many people do not realise that the word ‘alumni’ is plural. The singular form for a male is ‘alumnus’ and female, ‘alumna’.

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Self-grown edible gardens

Spectra Secondary School has an edible learning garden for students to self-grow produce. They also organise a Farmers’ Market at the end of the term to sell their self-grown produce to raise funds for the needy students.

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A 'role model' is a 'model'

The phrase ‘role model’ is tautological because ‘role’ is redundant. A ‘role model’ is just a ‘model’, so why add the word ‘role’ when it means the same thing without it? 50 more words

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What is a 'sneek peak'?

Get a sneek peak of the refurbished WWII bunker with your child before the official opening to learn a piece of Singapore’s history together!

– …

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How to pronounce the word 'abolition'

During an interview on the British current affairs programme, Hardtalk, several years ago, Singaporean academic and former diplomat Kishore Mahbubani pronounced the word ‘abolition’ in a very peculiar way. 13 more words

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Matters most

Of all school disciplines English language matters most. Clarity, confidence, communication are the bedrock of every other endeavour in education and in life: from physics to marketing, from engineering to law.

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