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बेंजामिन फ्रँकलिनमय फिलाडेल्फिया

मार्च २०१७ महिन्याचा ललित मासिकाच्या अंकात गोविंदराव तळवलकर यांचा एक लेख आला आहे, त्याचे नाव आहे एका वाद्याचा गहिरा इतिहास. तो लेख Anglican Music नावाच्या एका पुस्तकाची माहिती देणारा आहे. 124 more words


What Is The Origin Of (120)?...

A watched pot never boils

Have you ever put something in the microwave, set the timer on and then stood with growing impatience as the dial seems to take an age to get to zero? 540 more words

“The artisan had taken a little from all sides and made a joint good enough to hold together a nation for centuries.”
~Walter Isaacson (Benjamin Franklin: An American Life)

If We Can Keep It

The story goes that as he was leaving the hall, the newly drafted Constitution approved and signed, a woman approached Benjamin Franklin and asked him what kind of government the delegates gave America. 1,894 more words


#Todays3 22.3.17

-1) How do normal cells differ from cancerous ones.

-2) The anti-science movement is hurting Silicon Valley.


-3) Want people to like you? Try the Benjamin Franklin effect. 31 more words


Daily Prompt: Conquer

Train Today to Reap Tomorrow at https://bikeclimbrunswimrunyoga.wordpress.com made this comment about the quotes on Conquer:

Plato says What to do, 15 more words
Daily Prompt

Thomas Dyott's Selfie, 1826-Style

In  April 2015, this blog featured a tea cup decorated with a motif that supported the nineteenth-century temperance movement in the United States. To read go to Maryland History by the Objects Archives.  521 more words