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Benjamin Fulford - July 27th 2015: Russian Pentagon alliance putting final end to Khazarian Mafia rule

I have refrained from posting the updates of Ben Fulford (and others) for some time, because they don’t seem to change from week to week, and there usually isn’t a good way of substantiating the information. 928 more words


Daikaku Chodoin

Michael Jackson

He has had a friendship with Jason over many years. In 1998, Chodoin presented Michael Jackson with the Honorary Chairmanship of the United World Karate Association and a godan (fifth degree) black belt. 92 more words


Benjamin Fulford

He did an interview with Heizō Takenaka. Heizō Takenaka worked in the Ministry of Finance as a money supply researcher from 1982 to 1987. Benjamin said that in this interview, he confronted Mr. 380 more words


The cabal is being systematically dismantled so “Just watch as it unfolds,” Pentagon says. Benjamin Fulford - July 20, 2015

NOTE BY NANCY: Americans must keep in mind that “confusion” is one means of control. Do your own research, especially where Iran is concerned. The “United States” working with several other countries on the Nuclear Agreement with Iran was MOST CERTAINLY NOT A REFERENCE TO THE SECRET GOVERNMENT (DARK CABAL) — INSTEAD, THEY GREATLY DESIRE TO USE IRAN TO START WWIII SO THEY CAN CONTINUE IN POWER. 1,637 more words

Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford - July 13, 2015: Full scale cyber war erupts in wake of Greek default, Pentagon takes on Khazarian mafia

from Benjamin Fulford:

The Greek default has triggered major cyber and information warfare that raged across the world last week. The warfare involved banks, defense firms, major stock markets, telecommunications firms and more. 1,552 more words

The International Reporter


NOTE BY NANCY:   This report contains important news regarding the state of our planet.

 However, it is imperative for Americans to distinguish between the Khazarian Mafia, which secretly seized control of the US government years ago and is presently fighting for its life as it is being exposed and the people are beginning to say, “NO” to its criminal control and enslavement of humanity … AND … the original American Republic. 2,030 more words

Benjamin Fulford