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Benjamin Fulford: We must all push to make sure the criminal US corporate government is shut down on May 1st

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April 24, 2017


Although hard experience has taught me not to fixate on particular dates, multiple independent sources are all saying something huge might happen on May 1st. 1,729 more words


Benjamin Fulford: Khazarian mafia attempts to start World War 3 stopped in Syria and in North Korea

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April 17, 2017

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Now that Donald Trump showed his true colours as a Zionist (Khazarian mafia) sleeper agent, he is becoming increasingly isolated and is guilty of provable war crimes, Pentagon, CIA and other sources agree. 1,514 more words


Response To Fulford - 'The Real 13 Illuminati Bloodlines'

Source: Benjamin Fulford Updates via Stillness in the Storm

A Response to Benjamin Fulford’s Video

I’d like to comment about something you said in the video titled: “Benjamin Fulford On David Rockefeller’s Passing & the Power Vacuum Created. 2,185 more words


Benjamin Fulford: US and Japan are close to civil war as Rockefeller death leaves power vacuum

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April 3, 2017

The power vacuum left by the death of David Rockefeller has created a situation that, if not diffused, will lead to civil war in the USA and Japan, CIA, Pentagon and Japanese military intelligence sources say, The situation has reached the point where US military might march on Washington DC to do battle with the drug dealing faction of the CIA, Federal Reserve Board stooge politicians and their hired guns, the sources say. 1,487 more words


Benjamin Fulford - AS dan Jepang Di Ambang Perang Sipil Ketika Kematian Rockefeller Tinggalkan Kekosongan Kekuasaan

AS dan Jepang Di Ambang Perang Sipil Ketika Kematian Rockefeller Tinggalkan Kekosongan Kekuasaan

Benjamin Fulford – 3 April 2017

Kekosongan kekuasaan yang terjadi setelah meninggalnya David Rockefeller telah menciptakan sebuah situasi di mana, jika itu tetap tidak terselesaikan, akan membawa pada perang sipil di AS dan Jepang, kata sumber-sumber CIA, Pentagon dan intelijen militer Jepang. 1,411 more words


Benjamin Fulford: Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat

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Last week somebody hacked into my computer so that the video at the link below started playing as soon as I turned it on. 1,591 more words


Benjamin Fulford Report: "USA Republic Accepts Shared Human Destiny" -- March 20, 2017

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The Satan worshipping cabal suffered crushing defeats last week on all fronts multiple sources agree. The biggest news is that US President Donald Trump announced last week that the cabal owned United States Corporation founded in 1861 has been replaced with the Republic of the United States of America that was founded in 1776. 1,444 more words