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President concludes most successful visit to Israel by any American leader in decades by profoundly resetting the alliance. (My analysis of the two-day trip.)

(Washington, D.C.) — Let’s be honest. The cynics and haters won’t be able to say one good thing about it. But the only fair analysis is that the President’s two-day visit to Israel was the most successful visit by an American leader to the Jewish State in decades. 1,384 more words


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Netanyahu thanks Czechs (White Freemasons) for pro-Israel resolutions

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday thanked the Czech parliament for passing two pro-Israel resolutions that recognize the Jewish people’s ancient ties to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu praised the Czech Chamber of Deputies for its call on Tuesday to the nation’s government to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to stop paying membership fees to UNESCO until the organization stops its anti-Israel bias. 758 more words

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Trump Wins, Middle East Loses

Donald Trump’s first trip abroad seems to have been a successful one for him. Although controversies continue to rage at home, he seems to be accomplishing what he set out to do, at least in… 95 more words


In Bethlehem, Trump seems to reject Netanyahu’s outside-in approach

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to reject Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vision of a wider Arab-Israeli detente that will eventually lead to a peace agreement with the Palestinians, instead stating that the sequence of peacemaking would have to be the other way around. 709 more words

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Trump In Israel

An education in Islamic terror.

When President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu met on the tarmac, they and their spouses chatted easily. The two conservative leaders have much in common. 248 more words

Trump visits Israel -- American media elsewhere

After visiting Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump flew to Israel for two days of meetings on Monday and Tuesday, May 22 and 23, 2017. 1,590 more words


Seeking Adulation and Importance, Trump Ignores the Basic Facts Regarding Middle Eastern Peace

As Trump is known to do, he made many ‘false promises’ to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the people of Israel yesterday. His pandering will prove dangerous to peace in the region. 388 more words