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Θέσεις για τον πιο μορφωμένο υπουργό παιδείας!

Στις 5 Δεκέμβρη του 1968 η Καταστασιακή Διεθνής μοίρασε μια προκύρηξη ενάντια σε μια “φιλανθρωπική παράσταση που έδωσε ο Μαρκούζε υπέρ του Guardian”, με τίτλο “ΕΝΑΣ ΑΜΠΕΛΟΦΙΛΟΣΟΦΟΣ”. 7 more words

University Underground

The Curious Case of Benjamin

I have this annoying quirk where I can’t let the particulars of Scripture go. When the Bible gets descriptive, there must be some significance beyond satisfying mere curiosity. 1,009 more words


British government releases MI5 file on little-known Cold War spy

The British government has released a nine-volume file on an influential film critic who some believe was “one of the most important spies the Soviet Union ever had”. 583 more words

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This rarely happens. In fact, it happens almost never. My oldest, Brody, hates to be woke up. He is a heavy sleeper like myself and regularly sleeps 12 hours. 143 more words