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Sobchack, 2004, Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture writes:

‘Nearly every time I read a movie review in a newspaper or popular magazine, I am struck by the gap that exists between our actual experience of the cinema and the… 313 more words

The Contemporary featured by Trinity University

Trinity University recently wrote an article about the early days of our organization! Find it here.

Trinity University

Benjamin & Bella

My sweet twins! They are adorable, funny, smart and kind. Since their ear surgery in December 2015 (tubes to drain the liquid for both + adenoidectomy for Bella), they are talking nonstop, mostly in French and Russian, with some English words thrown in (“haw-va-you” c’est en anglais :) ) 312 more words


Who are you...

…on the Animal farm?

I’ve just finished the classic Animal Farm of George Orwell in an edition with great illustrations.

If you haven’t read it, do it. 124 more words

What Ever

Redan Torsdag!

Glad torsdag på er, hörni! Så snabbt den här veckan går alltså, tänk att det är fredag i morgon?! Galet! Något mer som är galet är att jag har ätit… 95 more words