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Benji the Mighty Hunter

This is Benji and I am a mighty hunter.  Tiger taught me well.

First, he said, you must listen with your whole body until you sense the presence of the varmints underfoot. 139 more words

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Arrium, winter and Sooah returns.

One of the things I dislike about this time of year is that it’s cold. Well, of course it’s cold. That’s why it’s called winter, you idiot.   658 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

Arrium, Brunch and Misty Days

For much of last week and for what remains of this week, I have been playing gofer.

“Would you go to the supermarket and get me more flour” 752 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

The Most Interesting Cats in the World

This is Tiger, the mature one in the house.  I don’t always pose like this; but when I do it will be on the most luxurious cover I can find. 30 more words

Tiger's Corner-Cat Stories

Our Dewey Walk

I just went out for a very late night walk with Benji. The moon was so bright, a brazen beacon up there, like some alternate version of the sun, and it is so warm, like nights I remember from technicolor teenagehood, and the smell of grass, always the smell of grass, and tonight the tiny insects that swarmed Benji and I even seemed pleased, seemed to be telling us their happiest secrets. 287 more words

Happy Monday from Cats and Trails and Garden Tales


After waking up all groggy and sleepy-eyed I ended up in my office with my morning coffee for a quiet time.  Tiger joined me and appreciated having the prime real estate to himself since Benji was outside.  136 more words

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BENJI - Staffie X Jack Russell - 16 Months Old


BENJI at a glance:

  • Sex: Loving, Cuddly Little Boy (Dog)
  • Age: 16 Months Old
  • Breed: Staffie X Jack Russell Terrier…
39 more words