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Benji's First Review - Jurassic Park

I should start this review by saying: I love dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs so much that I feel this review may be a little biased as a result. 1,240 more words


Memento Mori

KENNY He didn’t know it was possible to just go home, and that there would be people there, and it would be okay.
— Homecoming… 566 more words

“It’s Elementary” by Marsha Porter

This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Dogs.”

When my neighbor’s daughter turned 13, her mom took her to the pound to get her the dog she’d always wanted. 861 more words


5/20/2015 - The Day I Met You


You are finally here and I still cant believe it. It seems as surreal to wake up next to you every day as it was when I first saw you coming out of me just 5 days ago. 220 more words

Dear Son...

Memulihkan Kepekaan di Liga Musik Nasional VII

“Mungkin hanya ada dua musisi jenius saat ini,” begitu kira-kira perkataan Galih Su (Deugalih) pada jeda di antara lagunya, “Mbak Lani dan Saya.”

Kembali ke beberapa minggu sebelumnya, saya mendapati poster Liga Musik Nasional ke-7 bertuliskan “Frau” -Leilani Hermiasih dan Oskar, pianonya- dengan sebuah imaji berupa tangan yang memegang bunga-bunga karya Rukmunal Hakim. 1,567 more words

IFI Bandung

Homework and heartstrings

BENJI It’s hard to concentrate on Pre-Calc homework, because you’re in that class with me, and college and differential equations just can’t compete.

— Budgeting Better… 325 more words

Monkey business

One of the major arcs in EDITH is Kenny’s journey to recognize that his sister is growing up and to stop trying to use stories as white lies to soften the truth of the siblings’ situation. 367 more words