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Kittie Photo Shoot in the Garden

Okay boys I said.  Spring is here and it’s a sunny day. I’d like to get a few shots of you two in the garden okay? 69 more words

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In my dreams I soar!

This is Benji and I am not what you call a big cat.  From the beginning they called me the runt of the litter. (No thank you for that.) Sue even still doubts my birthday. 31 more words

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The Incredible Tao

I like Tao, the brave Siamese in the Incredible Journey.  The dogs were nice to tag along but that cat really kept it together with his wits.  35 more words

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Traffic Comments and Walking with WaWa

A long weekend has just concluded and things will get back to normal. Anyone with any degree of intelligence, stays away from Adelaide at this time – unless there happens to be a specific reason for going – conference, Adele Concert, International Cricket Match, and so forth. 750 more words

House, Garden And Dogs

Go outside and play she said

Benji here and that is what she said as she pushed me out the door.  Even though it was pouring rain.

I don’t like the rain and get crazy bored inside.  287 more words

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Gray skies and post vacation doldrums..

Is it the jet lag, time change or bad weather?  Usually I’m ready for home after vacation, this time not so much.  I had gotten used to slow mornings, lazy days, and beach walks.  127 more words

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