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The Synchronicity Manifesto (Draft 1)

After Spinoza
1a. Things exist.
1b. Things exist in relations.
1c. Things exist in relations to other things.

After Wittgenstein
2a. These relations are not random. 27 more words

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Renée Fleming at the TSO

The TSO’s season opener on Wednesday night featured Renée Fleming in one of her rare visits to Toronto.  As one might expect for a crowd friendly season opener it was largely a collection of “lollipops” though the all Ravel first half of the program perhaps had higher ambitions.   498 more words


Dawn Bennett - Are Precious Metals a Wise Investment?

Dawn Bennett is a leading financial expert in Washington D.C. She is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and has “more than thirty years of experience navigating the world’s most complex markets.” Bennett is the chief executive officer of Bennett Group Financial Services and believes that investing in precious metals such as gold and silver can be a wise decision. 212 more words


The Value of an Experience

I love movies; I love watching them, I love reading about them, I love discussing them with my movie-loving friends. The only thing I really don’t like about movies is how much you’re expected to pay to see them. 1,572 more words


Multiplicities: On Being Many Things Online

A hot topic of online debate recently has been the push for ‘persistent identity’ on the Internet. Persistent identity, in a nutshell, is an online model of interaction in which each person would have one (and only one) account or online identity, and that this identity would follow them everywhere they went online. 867 more words


I Want To Be a Literal Cyborg

*this is, surprisingly, not a selfie of mine

“The transmission of affect, if only for an instant, alters the biochemistry and neurology of the subject.” —  535 more words