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A Bed of Nails

You might think that a life making props was just a bowl of cherries, and sometimes it was.

A lot of the time it could be a bed of nails, but there is a trick to making yourself relatively comfortable, even on a bed of nails. 1,420 more words

An Evening Of Comedy: post-session review

In a preamble that took us back to 1978 and Brett getting his first comedy records, he recalled “whilst other kids were getting into Bowie, I was getting into Bernard Bresslaw and Barron Knights”… 561 more words

Post-session Review


In the lead up to my Sydney Comedy Festival show ‘Looking For Mike Brady’, I’ve been thinking about my comedy because people see me doing stand up and say, “oh I love that trashy single mother character,” and I think I’m just being me, the me I see myself as. 120 more words


their baaaaaack!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo may reemember that last yeer we wer suppozed to be visitted by my mimmier and pippier and auntie but the visit wuz interrupted by a hospittal vizzit nasty nasty hospitals!!! 723 more words


April's Record Club: AN EVENING OF COMEDY

On Thursday 9th April, Brett (curator of The Downstairs Lounge blog) will be at the helm for an evening of comedy. On vinyl of course. 452 more words


Babelcolour Rocks

I loved this video when I came across it a couple of years ago and I just rediscovered it (literally five minutes ago). It’s seriously one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. 17 more words


Random Thought of the Day

“Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.” Benny Hill

Random Thoughts