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5 Creepy Non-horror Horror Scenes

Yep. Already with a list. And already departing from stuff that would traditionally fall under the auspices of bona fide horror. But many is the moment that is far more chilling and disturbing than any jumpscare, and such a moment often comes from a place that is not directly horror related. 779 more words

21st January - On This Day In History


1924 Benny Hill (comedian)


1793 Louis XVI (beheaded)

On This Day:

1990 John McEnroe becomes the first ever player to be expelled from the Australian Open… 14 more words

January 21 in history

763 – The Battle of Bakhamra between Alids and Abbasids near Kufa ended in a decisive Abbasid victory.

1189 – Philip II of France and Richard I of England began to assemble troops to wage the… 559 more words


The quick turn-around goofy movie compilation

From Friday through Sunday our students here at the University of Washington Rome Center were assigned to do a scavenger hunt across Rome, hitting nearly every corner of the city (and some that were even more tucked away than corners). 174 more words


Ernie Lives!

Maggie got me up just after 6 desperate for the loo.
I was awake anyway, it’s been one of those nights, but hopefully by bringing my clothes downstairs to get dressed, I didn’t disturb Hubby. 394 more words

My Life

Feel like death warmed up. My arms and legs ice cold

Feel like death warmed up. My arms and legs ice cold. Remember watching Benny Hill when Hill’s Angels came on, the mind-blowing joy of that. Watching Kenny Everett when Cleo Rocos or Hot Gossip came on. 59 more words


May you live as long as you want to, and want to as long as you live.

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