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Moving On - Making Change(s)

The budget passed, and the BOF’s mediocrity has prevailed.  When people don’t vote, it only indicates that people didn’t vote.  Whatever reason you want to assign to it is unproven crap. 296 more words


A Benny Hill* joke

Just because no one complains doesn’t mean that all parachutes are perfect.

*Benny Hill was a British comedian who enjoyed great success on TV between 1960 and 1983.



The traffic in Brussels has always been bad

The traffic in Brussels has always been bad, but on this trip it is absolutely insane. A complete breakdown in the system. It is like watching… 256 more words

Movie Music Mega Madness: Benny Hill at the Movies


Benny Hill 

It’s not even debatable that Benny Hill is the funniest person ever born on British soil, and The Benny Hill Show still holds up to this day. 117 more words

Movie Music Mega Madness

20th April - On This Day in History


1442 King Edward IV (King of England 1461 – 1483)


1992 Benny Hill (comedian)

On This Day:

1999 Columbine High School Shooting (13 killed, 23 wounded) 11 more words

A Bed of Nails

You might think that a life making props was just a bowl of cherries, and sometimes it was.

A lot of the time it could be a bed of nails, but there is a trick to making yourself relatively comfortable, even on a bed of nails. 1,411 more words