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Not broken... just bent

To the one who is not here any more….

I have cried. Many times. Tonight seems to be the worst of it. It needs to come out. 389 more words


A bent tail

The other day I noticed the bottom of Cagney‘s tail was bent.  I assume he caught it on something rather than someone else tweaking it.  Bezukhov is not into tweaking tails.  36 more words



This world thinks us Bent,

openly discriminates;

brands pink triangles.


"Bent" - The Play Kory Was In Last April, Wins Best Play In Dallas Voice

I made my DFW acting (and theatrical lighting) debut last April in a play called “Bent” by Martin Sherman. The play was a fundraiser for a social justice organization I serve on the board of called… 184 more words


Dressing your curve: General advice

As scoliosis is such a physically noticeable disability, this makes looking and feeling good a real challenge. I had the most severe curve progression during my teenage years, so I had a very hard time regarding my self-image and self-esteem. 1,010 more words


Great Elk

Confidently insecure or insecurely confident?
Does the great elk run or face the fight
when his antlers are stunted and bent?

Written: 11-7-2013