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Windmills, Bent Presses and Anyhows...Building a Strong CORE for Grapplers and Fighters

{Videos} Bent press, windmills and anyhows are some of our favorite exercises at Blackline. They require coordination, stability, balance and massive amounts of core strength. A great combination for grapplers and fighters alike.

Poem Star...

When I started this blog, I didn’t anticipate writing poetry. I have always been an avid reader of poetry, but it never occurred to me that I might be able to write some, too. 88 more words


Ethics And Politics Bent To Machiavelli’s Goal.

R***** A************

Modern Europe –HIS ^^^


Ethics And Politics Bent To Machiavelli’s Goal

Niccolò Machiavelli was an exiled and unemployed intellectual from the former Republic of Florence. 1,471 more words

Off Broadway Review: Harvey Fierstein in Martin Sherman's 'Gently Down the Stream'

Can there be a romantic relationship between two gay men of different generations: one who grew up in the shadows, witnessing struggles, pain and hidden pleasures; the other growing up in the light, assuming gay liberation as a natural right? 630 more words


End of March 

You used to inspire me

And now you just annoy me

I don’t know why I tried to hold on before

It felt so tiresome, I felt so sore… 58 more words


Bent/Curved Wooden Staircases

These stairs are my Thursday morning inspiration. I love the thought that went into these designs; the architects didn’t just think about the utility of stairs but how they would shape the space around them. 18 more words

'Empire' Star Grace Byers Joins Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara in 'Bent'

Grace Byers, who plays Lucious Lyon’s wife Anika on “Empire,” has joined Karl Urban and Sofia Vergara in the indie thriller “Bent.”

Andy Garcia also stars with Robert Moresco directing from a script he wrote. 101 more words