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Kindergarten bento - Curry (19/Jul/16)

Menu: Curry, Rice, Steamed broccoli

Apple wedges for dessert

No curry?! What’s up with that?

Today at our daughter’s school, the older children has their first cooking activity, making Japanese curry for everyone and serving it for the younger ones. 152 more words

Japanese 日本食

Orange Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2:

Compared to the first episode, I found this one kind of flat, even though is does much the same. That’s kind of the problem. 233 more words


Misi Bento Cik Qila 


Dah lama tak menjenguk blog ni. Buat satu post pengenalan, lepas tu terbiar sepi. Niat di hati nak tulis banyak-banyak pasal Shaklee, nak share kebaikan produk, nak kongsi #ShakleeEffect tapi tak kesampaian pula. 410 more words

Asian seafood soup

Packed an Asian inspired sea food soup for my lunch.

I did not follow any recipe, just made a basic fish stock with some fish stock granules, dried anchovies and miso. 157 more words


Bento Baon: Spinach and Red Bell Pepper Tamagoyaki

I love me some tamagoyaki, so it’s going into my bento lunchbox to start off the work week.
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Tokyo Station Ekiben

Getting a bento 弁当 and riding on one of the express trains from Tokyo station is a ritual that is comes with traveling in Japan. Even on a short ride, like the hour ride to Narita on the Narita Express, we take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a bento. 484 more words

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