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Why you should start using Bentonite clay on your face .

The Bentonite Clay Face Mask.

Clay is an elemental substance which people today use for multi-purposes such as construction products, pottery making, and in cosmetics. However, the therapeutic value of clay should not be overlooked. 878 more words


Bring Your Curls Back To Life

I recently did the last chop to finally be completely natural, after having transitioned for the past two years. I can finally do wash and go’s! 485 more words


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Face Mask

I picked up this gem back in June at a local Whole Foods and I’ve been loving it ever since. After using this as a mask once a week for a month and following up with my daily skin care routine, my skin felt a lot smoother and my pores appeared less clogged. 450 more words

Skin Care

Benjamin Button.

I can not stress enough how important taking care of your skin is.  Keeping your skin free of radicals, impurities, detoxed, and moisturized, is the most important thing I will EVER say. 466 more words

Chelsea Gehr

My go-to Facemasks!

For Detoxing: Bentonite Clay Mask
I love to use a bentonite clay and water mixture as a face mask to detox all the impurities from my skin! 184 more words

Our Temples: Part One

We are on Week Two of following the 30-day plan in A Mind of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan  with my focus group.  I should note I completed the program and am leading a small group through the four weeks – my second family. 705 more words

Coffee, tea and the occasional glass of pinot noir...

can leave their mark on a girl’s teeth.  Not pretty.

A few months ago, I told you how I keep my teeth white with activated charcoal. 554 more words