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Underarm Detox...What?!

I was in the middle of reading my favorite blogs and came across an article titled,“How to Detox Your Armpits” by Wellness Mama. *Eureka* This was the step I was missing the entire time! 375 more words


Why You Should Be Using Bentonite Clay

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay can be used for just about everything. Face masks, hair cleansers, blemish spot treatment, everything. According to Mountain Rose Herbs: 404 more words

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Skin Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Also known as shampoo clay and washed blue clay, it has shown some remarkable properties with regard to its wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Bentonite clay is used in many different industries from cat litter to battlefield wound dressings to construction work. 154 more words

Fukushima: Why is Japan not Doing this but You Can

Clay is a negatively charged ion, whereas radioactive material carries a positive ionic charge. Bentonite Clay adsorbs and absorbs, by capturing positively charged ions, which you eliminate by washing them off or passing them through your body. 255 more words

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Don't give up! 13 ways to keep your cleanse joyful

Whether you are doing a one day, three day or ten day cleanse, detoxifying is not without it’s challenges. It’s kinda like signing up for a yoga class, and you finally go, and half-way through it you are sweating and shaking and wondering why you’re trying to fold yourself into a pretzel? 472 more words


5 Beauty Tips for any Big Day

Hi Everyone,

I receive plenty of questions on preparing for big days i.e. weddings, birthday parties, events, proms etc. so I thought this video would be great to add a little something extra while you get ready! 519 more words

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Having a Midweek Meltdown? The Solution is a Spa Night In

Sometimes, it seems like you’ll never make it through the week at all- Let alone do it with grace, dignity, and ahem sanity!

Although it may seem like the very last thing you ought to be doing when you’ve got a to-do list miles long… such a feeling calls for a little bit of ‘me’ time and self-love! 749 more words