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Bentonite Clay: Hair and Face Mask

Upon trying to use more ~natural~ beauty products, I picked myself up some Bentonite clay a while ago. It was the  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for about $10 for a pound of the stuff on Amazon. 422 more words


Natural Deodorant...

After I gave birth, I noticed that my underarm odor was on 1000! Holy! I had problems with odor before but nothing was lasting, and I had to switch deodorants multiple times. 350 more words

Mamas And Motherhood...

Neutralize excess acids naturally with clay

Did you know that by drinking living clay you will replenish your body’s capacity to neutralize excess acids? An ounce of liquid calcium bentonite clay a day will keep the doctor away.

Bentonite Clay

Natural DIY toothpaste options

Even as an adult, I find brushing my teeth to be the most annoying part of my self-care routine. Plus, there are so many ways to care for our teeth that I often find it overwhelming. 241 more words

Essential Oils

Homemade Toothpaste

When you look at the label on a tube of toothpaste, you will find a lot of words that are difficult to pronounce. Most of them are not very good for you. 191 more words


The Mask

Remember that movie? With Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz looking like a damn beacons of 90’s glamour. The facemask that I’m currently (probably) overusing makes me looks and sort of feel like Carrey’s character from that movie—green, sculpted and tight, hysterical because it kind of pulsates and I love it. 654 more words

Washing Hair Using Bentonite Clay?

What I Use:

  •  Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mixture
  • Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Water
  • Wooden or plastic spoon and bowl

Yes! that’s all I use to cleanse my hair to get the result of soft, clean, and curl defined hair. 244 more words

Natural Hair