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Clay overwhelms free radicals

“If you have a battlefront with positive-charged free radicals running around amuck inside your body; guess what’s going to happen when you make contact with the Earth? 22 more words

Bentonite Clay

Product Spotlight - Bentonite Clay Skin Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I can’t stop seeing this stuff pop into my feeds, on the pages of my favorite bloggers; it’s everywhere. So I finally broke down and bought some for myself. 421 more words

Clay stimulates and restores

From a thermodynamic point of view, we must admit that clay cannot be the sole source of energy of the phenomena it produces. Raymond Dextreit, … 56 more words

Bentonite Clay

Clay absorbs radioactivity

Today, when everyone is forcibly submitted to many artificially provoked radioactive aggressions, such as dust in the atmosphere from bomb testing and nuclear melt downs, x-rays and other sources, experiments made with the Geiger counter have demonstrated that dry clay absorbs a very important part of this surrounding radioactivity. 6 more words

Bentonite Clay

Essential Detox Facial Bar

A gentle, bubbly bar hosting a wonderful creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling impeccably clean and smooth!  This unscented daily facial cleansing bar contains 4 healing clays harvested from the good earth that are unique in their  benefits for skin care. 208 more words


Bentonite clay mask

Okay, so initially I got the clay for my hair wash days but then I realized it’s also a facial mask. I just had to give it a try. 254 more words

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Clay destroys bacteria

As a bacteria-destroying agent, clay can render contaminated water innocuous. Raymond Dextreit, Our Earth Our Cures

Bentonite Clay