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Mask and Ask: Clarifying Clay

My friend Channing and I have this great ritual we jokingly named Mask and Ask when we first came up with it, and over time the name just stuck. 679 more words


Bentonite Clay Mask for Natural Hair and Skin

Check out my new video where I demonstrate how to use the bentonite clay mask for natural hair and skin. You can watch it here… 25 more words

Natural Hair

Detoxify Your Face & Body W/ Bentonite Clay + Apple Cider Vinegar

With new cosmetics being put on the market everyday, promising an end to all (or at least most) of our cosmetic concerns, there’s no telling what we are actually putting not only on our skin, but ultimately, into our bodies. 692 more words


2 days left to register for Spring Into Health! Spring Cleanse 2017

I have never been really great at cleansing…if I last 3 days without coffee, it’s a miracle. Also, cleansing tends to dig out the toxins that are stored deep in the nooks and crannies of the body, and when those toxins are all circulating at once and trying to get out, I usually feel sick. 291 more words


Smectite clays known for healing properties

Did you know the green healing clays from the Smectite family of clays known as Calcium Bentonite clays have long been respected for healing properties? Some of these clays draw as much as 33 times their molecular weight.

Bentonite Clay

Brightening Face Mask

Bentonite clay has numerous uses including detoxing the body, treating bone fractures, insect bites, rashes, pimples, foot soaks, baths, and remineralizing teeth. We really love what it does for the skin. 135 more words