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Beowulf finds new life as chamber opera

Beowulf has found expression as a chamber opera.

I guess there’s life in this old story yet.

Setting aside whatever your impression of opera may be, it sounds like this opera (also named Beowulf) is most entertaining. 315 more words


Attribution Trumps Plagiarism

The recent brouhaha over Mrs. Trump’s partially plagiarized speech at the Republic National Convention brings home to me again the necessity for accuracy and honesty when putting your words before the public. 295 more words


Some Beowulf Resources

Beowulf is typically the first big work I teach each semester. When I’m thinking of new teaching methods or assignments, I typically try them out on this poem first. 141 more words

Author writes novel series called: The Women of Beowulf

Though there are women in the poem Beowulf, they’re entirely on the sidelines. Wealhtheow, the queen of the Danes, has a few lines, but she’s quite tightly sewn into her diplomatic role of peaceweaver. 255 more words


An oxymoron in Beowulf

My scholarly note, “An Oxymoron in Beowulf,” has been accepted for publication in ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews. This note identifies an oxymoron in the description of Beowulf’s final showdown with the dragon. 160 more words