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Challenge Week: Book Cover Lover Challenge Day #1

This is Day #1 of my Book Cover Lover Challenge! To find out what this is all about, you can read my brand new Challenges… 221 more words


Fire on the Water: Cremation in Game of Thrones Season 3

In Season 3 of Game of Thrones we encounter a second prominent and high-status funeral involving cremation, but in almost every sense contrasting with the cremation of… 1,334 more words


NEH Award

It’s time to share this one. I was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities stipend for the summer institute “Teaching Beowulf in the Context of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature” that begins in one month. 129 more words

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Where Beowulf meets baseball

Whoops, it’s Friday, isn’t it?

Since I was getting over a nasty cold earlier in the week and then had a job to finish off for the end of the week (and a podcast to edit in between), I didn’t get to finish this week’s Beowulf entry. 48 more words


Top Ten Books You Should've Read in High School But Didn't

All of us were guilty of it at some point in time. A class assigned a book that just didn’t appeal to us, or we didn’t have the time to get it in. 1,443 more words


What has Elizabeth II got in common with Anglo-Saxon kings/queens?

As I have said before (see April blog), an Anglo-Saxon queen’s role was to be supportive, and advisory – and, of course, to provide heirs. We hear nothing of Beowulf having a queen, but Hrothgar’s queen, Wealtheow, is seen directing the feast and displaying courtesy to their guests and counsel to the company. 376 more words


Heaney Comes to Poetry

Here are some of Seamus Heaney’s memories of reading, writing, and poetry, from earliest schooldays to university, all taken from Dennis O’Driscoll’s wonderful book-length interview with him,  … 572 more words