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Beowulf and the Creationist: A lesson in critical thinking

Maybe it’s possible that, ceolocanth-like, one or two species of dinosaur lived on into the ancient Greek world. Maybe one even made it far enough to meet a knight or medieval king. 922 more words


Clusters and Beowulfs and C.O.W.s, Oh My!

I’ve gotten a stack of Raspberry Pi boards to act as a cluster computer for compiling C programs.

In comments, LG asks a rather more deep question than it might, at first read, seem: 2,751 more words

Tech Bits


You ask the identity of my fantasy man

Hardly hesitating, I reply:

I am his canvas of fecund fields

Pierced by passionate suns

Van Gogh impressions of yellow and green… 58 more words


Why are Robert Zemeckis films hideous?

I’ve been on a Robert Zemeckis’ CGI movie kick for the past few days (The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol). I have a question. 265 more words

CG Movie Research

On Mathoms: a Manifesto (Almost)

I should get rid of my old CDs. There is no real reason to keep them. Maybe a few of the local bands who never made it big that signed copies would be an exception, but I have kept them all, along with every program from every play that I have ever seen. 440 more words

The Junk Drawer Of My Mind

Grendel's mother speaks to Grendel

We are monsters,

so they say;

strangers in the dark,

foreigners in the daylight.

And people always seem

to fear the unknown, the different.

These blemishes on our skin, 108 more words