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Treasures of the British Library: Falling in Love with the Ritblat Gallery

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something,” said a ponderous Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit. Walking into the Sir John Ritblat Gallery at the magnificent British Library in the heart of London evokes just this feeling. 1,791 more words


Mini-Syllabus: Introduction to Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon

Although I am still working my way through my last syllabus, I’m excited that my book club is reading Beowulf this fall. I’ve decided to make the most of this chance to talk about Beowulf with a wonderful group of intelligent readers by setting myself a larger project. 611 more words


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For today's Feature Friday, how about rediscovery of a lost world? Michelle Joelle, student, writer, and blogger, has been posting a "Mini-Syllabus" every now and then. I enjoy each one. Here is one to learn Anglo-Saxon--the Old English language that we find in Beowulf. It is very connected to Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian and the rest of the Norse mythologies and hero tales. It is something I would like to learn, so I'm folding down this page for the future!

Ebenezer Scrooge: A Modern Day Grendel

Beowulf, one of the most famous epic poems of all time, has inspired writers for generations. While it might not be as obvious as it is in literature like… 310 more words


Pawns in God's Game of Life: A Reader's Response to Beowulf

Today’s given in class assignment put simply, was to find a passage or two in the book that stood out to us and write it on a white board in the classroom. 598 more words


Not As Great As He Thinks: A Reader's Response to Beowulf

It’s safe to say that Beowulf is a pretty confident guy. He is portrayed as an incredibly brave, strong warrior, and he certainly didn’t seem to let people forget that. 625 more words


Beowulf and Harry Potter

Those of you brave enough to venture into AP English Lit must be familiar with Beowulf.  The epic poem that chronicles Beowulf’s fight with the legendary monster Grendel.   152 more words