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Reputation and Storytelling in Beowulf: The Microphone in the Circuit

Most of the components of the Beowulf circuit represent action: journeys taken, fights with monsters, outcomes and rewards. However, there are two points at which a microphone represents the retelling of stories about the hero’s past. 252 more words


Unstuck, On the Edge, Just as I Planned

  When I give expressive arts workshops, one of the main themes I hear over and over again is that people have something they really want to do—write a memoir, change careers, finish a project they began years ago — but they stop when they get stuck. 646 more words

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Grendel squirms in Beowulf's grip, words double up (ll.755-766)

Beowulf through Grendel’s Experience
Doubling Words

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Grendel feels the same sort of terror he’s inflicted on the Danes every night for the past twelve years as Beowulf strengthens his grip and hold on the monster’s arm. 1,516 more words


'Beowulf at Breakfast': A poem

This famous poem-story, written in about 850 A.D. in the Old English/Anglo-Saxon language (and translated into modern English below by Seamus Heaney), is about a Nordic warrior tribe’s battle against the monster Grendel. 288 more words

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Beowulf: A New Verse Translation by Seamus Heaney

Beowulf is an epic poem detailing the action and adventure filled life of the titular character, Beowulf. He arrives in Denmark to assist the King of the Danes in eliminating Grendel, an evil scary monster, and then eventually Grendel’s mom (or, as she is known in one of her best roles, … 284 more words