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Beowulf in Space

Star Vikings and the Bug Hunt

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I have been crazy about Beowulf since I was in elementary school, having fallen in love with the tale of a mighty warrior and his epic adventures only a few years before becoming equally enamored by the Alien(s) universe. 333 more words

Sean-michael Argo

Translating: The Problem of Humour!


I’ve done my fair share of translating in my time: Old English and Middle English into Modern, courtesy of ‘Beowulf’ et alia; Latin, Welsh, French, Spanish and Greek into English; Shakespeare into a form acceptable to a teenage audience… 505 more words

Creative Writing

agenda F/T Feb 17/21: Bwlf & Bios

more bio interviews

Beowulf reading (remember to read to line 2000 by Tue Feb 21)

next class, be ready to address this question (within citations from ll. 15 more words


agenda W/Th Feb 15/16: BEOWULF and biographies

learning goal: what makes Grendel and his mother monsters? how does this reflect values of the Geats and Danes?

independent reading towards the next goal: line 2000 by Tue Feb 21 (as you read this middle third of the poem, consider this question and these sample lines: What makes a monster?   6 more words


Hands-on Anglo Saxons Unit Study for Homeschoolers

Just gathering all my Anglo-Saxon posts into one place to make finding them a bit easier.  This was a very hands-on unit study, with lots of resources, map making and activities.   109 more words