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Hwæt! We Gar-Dena in gear-dagum

What were we War-Danes in our yore-days?

Tribal-Kings! Truly cast that glory past,

how the counts had courage vast!


Guest Blog: The tale of Beowulf, Is it myth? legend? history? by C. R. May author of the Sword of Woden series.

As part of my author guest blog series I am proud to present another guest blog spot. C R May the author of the Sword of Woden series  1,833 more words


"What Beowulf fights against is the undoing of everything."

“Beowulf is a natural comic book, full of fractured perspectives, sudden zoom-ins, and spooky poolings of consciousness around heavy-metal details.”

-James Parker – Beowulf Is Back!

13 more words

What Rumple Really Cares About - Once Upon a Time Review (6x13) (Spoilers)

Rumple is a complicated character. He is one of those characters that I think I make up my mind about but then he goes and completely changes my opinion of him. 992 more words

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The funeral boat of Scyld Scefing

Progress continues with my first Beowulf ‘vignette’ depicting the funeral boat of Scyld Scefing.   In the end I’ve stuck to a fairly robust medieval color palette to help create that manuscript look.   113 more words


Finn the Frail Finds Valhalla

This one is a sort-of sequel to one of the most curious poems in the English language.

The Finnesburg Fragment is a piece of a larger poem that’s survived some difficult situations. 589 more words