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Beowulf on the beach

By nightfall yesterday, glorious sunshine had given way to thick mists, encroaching deep inland from their watery origins. By morning, everywhere was swathed in wonderful white, visibility was down to a few yards, the islands had disappeared into a lost landscape and the beach had become a world of mystery and magic.  437 more words

Dogs And People

Beowulf [An Epic Poem]

He sought treasure-gold, there was many such,
in ðám eorðsele aérgestréona
in that earth-hall, ancient treasures,
swá hý on géardagum gumena náthwylc
as they in former days some man, 706 more words


2 Month Chip


When your doctor’s a quack

When no one follows the script

When the bottle’s already empty

Self-medicating gets you nowhere


Sliding like smoke down the street… 141 more words



It is spring at Christendom and the trees are in bloom.  My big research paper on Beowulf is due in less than a week!  Finals approach in about three weeks.   15 more words


Divine Mercy, the 'New Geography' -- Part Two

For part one, click here

We spoke in part one of how Jesus Christ, through His death and Resurrection, takes up the wounded “geography” of our fallen world and makes even the scars of our existence capable of leading us to the Divine.  527 more words


What Old English and Old Norse Poetry Has Taught Me About Human Nature

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

You can learn a lot about a culture by its art, and for the last two years, while working on my Master’s degree, I’ve been reading a lot of literature by the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.   518 more words

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