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A Little Twist of Cain: A Review of Grendel

John Gardner’s Grendel was assigned to my high school English class. I don’t remember much of what we discussed in class, which might be evidence that what we managed to cover wasn’t very substantial. 2,173 more words


Vergil - A Tragedy


A mother is killed. For one son, it inspires a hedonistic lifestyle and a career of demon-slaying. The other son is so traumatized that he covets power so he can never be hurt again. 553 more words


Encountering King Arthur and Beowulf in Second Life

In June I wrote about the non-profit Literature Alive! project operated by Desideria Stockton and Royce Sommer, and their Canterbury Tales Virtual Pilgrimage. They now have a new literary adventure for people to enjoy. 455 more words


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I went through the Beowulf section - clearly, a lot of work has gone into this! I was able to answer most of the questions from the chests without going through the whole thing, but that's likely because I've taught Beowulf several times. :-) There seemed to be more on Beowulf than on King Arthur, but I didn't have time to explore everything fully. There is also a side quest that you can do (follow the genie lamps). There are links to follow and I encourage you to read both Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Have fun!

Beowulf Part 2: How to Kill Your Dragon.

Fifty winters have passed since the young monster-slayer Beowulf and his companions returned home from the land of the Danes. This is perhaps the most significant leap forward in time that I have ever encountered in Germanic legend, for much can happen in fifty winters. 2,375 more words


A history of packages and libraries or: how Spark and Hadoop are doing the same mistake as BLAS and LAPACK

A long time ago, on a land of big iron and MPI, there were some libraries that were used everywhere. The libraries were fundamental to most of the important computation that was done, they were open source and all the cool kids on the block knew them. 979 more words


The Library: Classics

You know when you go to a bookstore, or I suppose look on the digital book marketplace of your choosing, and go to the ‘Classics’ section, and then realize you really don’t care to read the ‘classics’ and instead turn to that steamy and awesome vampire-werewolf sci-fi/fantasy romantic western instead? 472 more words

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Journal Entry: Publisher Rejection Letters

Journal entry, 28 Messidor 223: Minotaur commanded Mr. Cornwall today to publish on this informal electronic newspaper/diary some of the “most devastating” phrases from the rejection letters Minotaur has received from publishers over the last several decades. 365 more words

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