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I finished reading J. R. R. Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf today, and I think the following is perhaps my favorite piece of the endeavor.

Wiglaf spake many a right fitting word, saying to his comrades (for heavy was his heart): ‘I do not forget the time when, where we took our mead in the hall of revelry, we vowed to our master, who gave us these precious things, that we would repay him for that raiment of warriors, the helmets and stout swords, if ever on him such need as this should fall. 265 more words


Thank you, Professor

I stepped into Middle-earth last August, and my heart has never left since.

Throughout senior year, I have been discovering more and more about the remarkable man behind it all. 138 more words


Horrendous shrieks and moans poured out of my kitchen one Saturday afternoon, escalating almost to madness.Murder most vile? Almost. The Metropolitan Opera’s performance of Elektra… 643 more words


The Effort and Trends of Preservation

Beowulf was a poem that was passed on from generation to generation by spoken word until there were enough mechanisms to record the story in writing. 152 more words


English: The Living Language

Language is a living thing and like all living things it grows. English has been developing for thousands of years and it has ancient roots. It is widely believed that English words are mostly influenced by the other romantic languages that share Latin roots (French and Spanish), but actually they started being introduced into our dialect in 1066 during the Norman Invasion of England. 878 more words

NaPoWriMo 2016: 30. Air

The final prompt was to write a poem in translation – in my case, a homophonic translation of the first few lines of Beowulf.

This is my third NaPoWriMo – thanks, as ever, to anyone who has read these – let alone liked, commented, or followed the blog. I appreciate it.