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Cousin Bette - Balzac

Such a mean novel. You read Cousin Bette to see how evil people can be, which was more than a little off-putting for me. But as a writer, I think this book is invaluable for learning how to write evil characters, how to motivate them, have them clash off each other, and show the damage they cause. 414 more words

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Describes a line of family who are leaders from whom Hrothgar is a descendant. Hrothgar orders a great mead hall (Heorot) be built. This is more than just a bar; it is Hrothgar’s throne and a place to distribute the spoils of war. 3,415 more words



I remember the first time I saw a 3D display…It was with my friend Sola Alagbe; many of you have gone weary of hearing me mention that name. 162 more words



“Hand to hand is how it will be, a life and death fight against the fiend, and he whom death bears off shall submit to the judgement of the Lord.”

~ Beowulf

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Kept with Fonder a Care

Ever think about all the art that has been lost? Beowulf comes out of an oral tradition of scops singing from a trove of texts. We have this manuscript, which fortunately survived the fitting-yet-sad fire at Ashburnham House, but what about all the other poems? 831 more words


Some Deep Shit: A review of Grendel by John Gardner

The first monster of english literature to haunt us, terrifying and brutal, Grendel has stalked the nights for centuries. Despite his brutality, we have always wondered how Grendel become the heartless, merciless monster Beowulf fought? 1,052 more words

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