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Beowulf is fantastic!  I started it once and couldn’t get into it, but then  I read it for an English class when I was 13-14, and it was fantastic!   247 more words

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A board game built on Beowulf

I admit that my experience with board games is pretty limited. And I’m not too saddened by that.

There are definitely some board games I’d love to play again or pick up. 390 more words


Beowulf 5

What attitudes and actions lead to Beowulf ’s downfall?

Anglo Saxons

Beowulf 4

Discuss the role of women in this patriarchal world.  Would you want to live in this world? Why or why not?

Anglo Saxons

Beowulf 3

  1. Is the dragon a greater or lesser threat than Grendel?
  2. What differences do you find between Beowulf’s fight with the dragon and his earlier encounters with Grendel and Grendel’s mother?
Anglo Saxons

Beowulf 2

Was Grendel’s mother justified in taking revenge for her son’s death? Defend your answer.

Anglo Saxons