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When Beowulf was confirmed to be an "English" story

In an effort to look at something other than an adaptation of Beowulf, this week, I’m looking back through time. Just a mere 23 years, though, peering back at 1993. 544 more words


Beowulf: A Hero Of Old

Hello, my dear strangers!

Beowulf, an Old English epic believed to have been written circa 1000 AD, is a work still regarded as useful and as important as it had been in centuries past. 2,323 more words


Supped Full With Horrors

From the time I was 7 or 8 until I was about 11, my favorite Saturday night activity was tuning into Creature Feature or Chiller Thriller.  972 more words

The shock of the old

In the introduction to his translation of Beowulf, Irish poet Seamus Heaney recalls his surprise when he learned the odd-looking Anglo-Saxon word þole (pronounced “thole”) wasn’t really alien: 275 more words

Southern Culture

Dayraven - Sword of Woden 4 by C.R. May

The finale of this most entertaining series about Beowulf concerns not only him but the Geatish King, Hygelac and his raid on the Frisians.  It is an exciting romp filled with insights into the culture of the Dark Age warrior; the bond between sword brothers, the need to die well in battle with your sword in hand so to feast at Woden’s table in Valhal ( the scene from the movie The Vikings springs to mind where Tony Curtis gets Ernest Borgnine a sword to face the wild dogs in the pit he is being thrown into).   116 more words

Book Review

Review: Tolkien's Beowulf

A Translation and Commentary
together with
Sellic Spell
by J.R.R Tolkien
Edited by Christopher Tolkien
Harper Collins 2014

The Tolkien Estate has finally published Tolkien’s 1926 translation of Beowulf. 521 more words

Anglosaxon Poetry - Interpretation