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Meet the Anglo-Saxons


First, you must understand that England is a land that has been conquered many times over. The earliest culture to inhabit that island were the… 633 more words

Report from a Fallow State

AD&D 1e

I’ve been slightly fallow, after finishing my Star Wars campaign and waiting for my Beowulf campaign to begin. It had been scheduled for this coming Monday, but some core players couldn’t make it, so that means it will be two more weeks before session 1. 978 more words

Roleplaying Games

More Norse Mythology, Kids!

Today’s blog topic comes courtesy of a reader email I received this morning:


I finished Hat Trick over the weekend and needed to vent a bit.

561 more words

Hildeburhʼs Lament XII

But before the Danes
Could fare to the Mark,
Winter snowfall
Severed their way.
Nor would the fearsome seaʼs
Stormy surging
Let them sail in ships. 216 more words


Hildeburhʼs Lament XI

The truce came late.
With only few of Finnʼs
Faithful hearththanes
He could not win against
The wall of Hengest.
The woeremnant offered
Weary frithterms. 196 more words


Summer Reading: Medieval Edition

Is the novel too newfangled for you? Does the idea of human hair in mourning jewelry make your skin crawl? Are you just worn out by all that angst we still live with about industrialization, rapidly increasing technology, and the relationship between science and religion? 623 more words