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Biased Notes Vol. 6: Okami

by Jed Pressgrove

Note: Observations below are based on the first several hours of the HD version of the game.

1. It’s refreshing to play a game where you bring harmony to the natural world through spiritual and artistic means. 547 more words

What Beowulf can Teach Us With Paul Begadon (Podcast)

This is the first episode of Fate Going As It Must: A Beowulf Talk Show! On the show I’ll talk with people who are fans of… 166 more words


Class In Review: British Literature 2018

A Letter To My Classmates        

It rained with torrential force on the first day of class, and as I remember, I also had a dreadful cold.

435 more words

Magazine: Red Sun, issues #2 and #3

I warm up the temporal transporter and double-check the contents of the box I’m sending.  If I can get my collection of Red Sun magazine into the hands of the right person at the right moment in history, I might end bad science fiction forever. 1,060 more words

Science Fiction

Beowulf: The enduring appeal of an Anglo-Saxon 'superhero story'

Here’s a great article from the BBC on the enduring influence of the epic poem that defined Western literature and thought:

Some 1,300 years on from when most historians believe it was written, Beowulf continues to be shared, adapted and revised, whether on screen, in print or in song. 359 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Going from the Guard to the Herald: Book IV – Book VI


Their chief answered him,
wielder of the band’s wisdom, he unlocked his word hoard:

“We are kin of the Geatish people,
we come from among Hygelac’s hearth retainers. 1,661 more words


How do Heroes Reveal the Traits Prized Most Highly by a Culture? Part II

How do Heroes Reveal the Traits Prized Most Highly by a Culture? Part II

This is going to be my last part of Heroes essay. Please click like if you like it. 427 more words