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Netflix's First Italy Original Features Comedian and Opposition Politician Beppe Grillo

ROME – Netflix has partnered with Italian standup comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo, whose Five Star movement leads the country’s parliamentary opposition, on comedy special “Grillo vs. Grillo,” the streaming giant’s first completed Italian original production. 440 more words


Brief an Europa: Beppe Grillos Chaosclub

Lieber Beppe,

du hast es also nicht geschafft, in die Allianz der Liberalen und Demokraten für Europa (ALDE) einzutreten. Das wäre sicherlich ein netter Trick gewesen, aus welchem sowohl die Movimento 5 Stelle als auch die Liberalen… 901 more words


EU's financial threats to 'euro-quitters' could also threaten UK and Brexit

The EU leaders are now trying to bully member states into staying by demanding that if they leave the Euro, all their debts must be settled in full, immediately. 435 more words


Politics and power: Any significant shift in the balancing act?

Politics and power: Any significant shift?

“In the last 20 years, there has been a fundamental shift in the balance of power in the world.” What new power looks like? 2,665 more words


The Tobacconist

The Tobacconist
By Robert Seethaler
Picador – £12.99

Politics always messed up absolutely everything, so it didn’t really make much difference whose fat bum currently occupied the seat of government – the late Kaiser, the dwarf Dollfuss, his apprentice Schusschnigg or that megalomaniac Hitler across the border – politics messed up, screwed up, fouled up and dumbed down absolutely everything, and basically ruined it one way or another. 583 more words


You must be joking - a clone?

The headlines include plenty bad news. One can choose among “Outrage as Trump hands son-in-law key role”, Fiat stating “Trump had nothing to do with our new US jobs”, and worse. 463 more words


"Pro-european" ALDE to enter into marriage of convenience with Italian Europhobes?

Politics is a dirty business, and at times one has to co-operate even with those whose fundamental convictions one does not share. But there are of course limits to that – and whoever transgresses them will risk losing his political capital. 238 more words

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