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The end? 

None of them were actually right. They didn’t know the truth as they said they did. The world is not divided between good and evil- there is no such thing as black and white. 196 more words



I’m sixteen and I don’t know much about live. Though I figure that by now I have worked out all my past problems and I’m now waiting for new ones. 131 more words

Prespective Of Life

Lonely wind


Tal was a lot easier to deal with, he believed the second I showed up and he greeted me with a smile every time I came to visit. 329 more words


Strength of the Body

Urh… I can´t make this one work as it should…


He breaks the glass and shards fly all over the kitchen. He sighs and leans down to start cleaning it up. 581 more words


Time and space 


I’ve been watching the clock since midnight. It has gone almost three hours since I sat down, holding my charged phone in a tight grip but eyes fixated on the clock hanging on the living room-wall. 664 more words


I need you

A long short story

This is fiction any and all relations to actual people or events are me taking inspiration from actual people and events- thank you. 4,875 more words


Introduction to Distorted Story 

It’s year 2xxx in a world not very different from ours.

Our story follows a martyr. The one who died in flames. An unwilling savior. And what she did to save the already doomed. 113 more words