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I need you

A long short story

This is fiction any and all relations to actual people or events are me taking inspiration from actual people and events- thank you. 4,875 more words


Introduction to Distorted Story 

It’s year 2xxx in a world not very different from ours.

Our story follows a martyr. The one who died in flames. An unwilling savior. And what she did to save the already doomed. 113 more words



I would imagine him in a room full of comics, and books… walls covered in shelves almost overflowing with pocketbooks… and him in the middle, trying to write a book of his own but never getting anywhere because… he rather just read. 33 more words



The art of reading the same ten comic books over and over for years, only buying new ones on certain occasions.

– A biography by my little brother. 8 more words



In a society where every young person is allowed and given the possibility to equal education. Where a working adult is not a rare being but where everyone is given that chance. 1,325 more words


Berättelsen om Ofelia

Det bästa Ofelia vet är berättelser. Berättelser följer regler, de vet vad de håller på med.  Det här är den kortaste och enklaste berättelsen.

Någon klättrar upp i ett träd. 616 more words


I thought it would work…

But it obviously didn’t. Well I guess it’s my own fault for even thinking that for once, maybe it all would just go on smoothly without any changes or complications. 150 more words