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The art of reading the same ten comic books over and over for years, only buying new ones on certain occasions.

– A biography about my little brother.


Friday calm

when you realize that it’s not about being good at, or even “liking” or “loving” to draw: it’s that you need it.

Yesterday was hard nothing came out Avasavi it should and I was generally sad about most things. 174 more words


A day in the park

Martin – pigeonDenise- pigeon

Daniel – pigeon

Hannah – pigeon

Tim – everybody else (pigeons)
Jeremy – small bird

Simon – small bird

Puss – small bird… 476 more words


En tidig morgon

Det känns som att det är tidigt. Jag tittar på dig och hoppas att du sover så djupt så att du inte märker det. Jag lockas att peta bort locken som fallit ner över ditt öga. 807 more words


Comic coloring pars 

Just by the way…
And oh, it’s spring. I’m freaking out. Soon… school is over… and I’m feeling… mixed. Torn. A bit tired and certainly a lot of bits confused.


One and a half hour of sleep

Waking up one and a half hour before the alarm. That is one and a half hour of sleep, wasted! And then you obviously can’t just go back to sleep because you had a really disturbing dream that has left permanent scar on you and you feel kind of hollow inside… … 12 more words