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Not scared, just worried – about bees…

Prespective Of Life

A "me" story

I volunteer at a cat shelter- I started going there very recently but I’m already in love.

I have two cats of my own and all but I was in a point in my life where I just needed the love of a kitten. 373 more words

Prespective Of Life

The end (or a kind of beginning) 

He sat quietly by the window.

It was weirdly beautiful- a picture in white, the light of the winter sun and the pale skin of his knuckles in contrast to the dark that was the roots of his hair finally showing through the red. 772 more words

Prespective Of Life

Ett helsike att komma på en bra rubrik

Jag skriver och skriver och skriver den här relativt varma vinterdagen. Jag ändrar i ett manus som jag fått tillbaka för redigering och samtidigt skriver jag på ett annat manus. 108 more words