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I need you- what I can give 

They stopped at a burger house by the side of the road. Saul and Senai split the tab of seven meals and then they all sat down at a table by the window. 250 more words

Prespective Of Life

Förlåt, jag är blyg!

Baserad på “Sorry, I’m shy” av Andrew Knott

En ung pappa stiger in på ett mysigt café tillsammans med sin treåriga son. I samma stund som de närmar sig disken för att göra sin beställning, klänger den lilla pojken sig envist fast vid sin pappas ben. 1,137 more words


I need you- together

Darkness fell, stars lit and Senai drove in circles around the dock. Sam leaned out the window and screamed joyously as the wind blew his hair slick back and made his eyes teary. 457 more words

Prespective Of Life

I need you- I just know

It was natural for Taylor, obvious that it would be them. The second Sam walked into their classroom, the minute it took him to walk through the room over to his seat. 158 more words

Prespective Of Life

I need you- to tell me what I can do! 

Jasper would never get over the feeling of being a little to young, a little too tall or a little too childish. A little too bright or a little too dark. 498 more words

Prespective Of Life

I need you- to smile

Nicholas was already standing by the large iron pillars by the water when Taylor reached the peak of the hill at the beginning of the dock. 779 more words

Prespective Of Life

The I need you- to take me away from here 

Taylor leaned towards the wall and closed his eyes. His father’s voice could still be heard through the thin barrier of their apartment door- loud and harsh but still no response from his mother. 675 more words

Prespective Of Life