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The Artist (2011)

A silent movie star meets a young dancer, but the arrival of talking pictures sends their careers in opposite directions. (IMDb)

While its compellingly tragic lead bemoans the death of silent film, the film itself showcases its unique (in today’s age) beauty, most notably in its incredible transformative score, impacting emotive acting, and excellent visual storytelling (the newspaper montages look amazing). 32 more words

Drawing: Berenice Bejo

It was a little known black and white French film, shot on an old fashioned 1.33:1 ratio, mostly silent with a running time of only 100 minutes and featuring the director’s wife in a lead role, but THE ARTIST was the big winner in 2011, collecting every major Best Picture award including the 5 Oscars and 7 BAFTAs. 129 more words


The Artist (2011) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review

Today’s IMDB Top 250 Guest Review comes from Jia Wei of Film & Nuance. Thanks for the review, Jia Wei! :-) Now let’s hear his thoughts on… 1,126 more words


Berenice Bejo, Alexander Fehling to Star in Rohfilm's ‘Three Peaks’

Leipzig-based Rohfilm, whose Forum screener “Deadweight” unspooled at the Berlin Film Festival on Sunday, has unveiled a number of upcoming productions, including, “Three Peaks,” starring Germany’s “Homeland” star Alexander Fehling and French-Argentine actress Berenice Bejo (“The Artist”). 164 more words


Film set - THE SEARCH - set in the 1999 Chechen War out on dvd

Bérénice Bejo stars as Carole, an NGO worker stationed in Chechnya during the Chechen War in 1999. Here Carole takes mute and traumatised orphan, Hadji (Abdul Khalim Mamutsiev) under her wing. 20 more words

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REVIEW: "Le Passé" ("The Past")

Asghar Farhadi is without question one of my favorite working filmmakers. Watching a Farhadi film is unique. He doesn’t make movies intended as escapes. He offers intense examinations filled with truth and reality. 617 more words

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0464 | Le Dernier Diamant (The Last Diamond)

This new release is the fifth film by French director Éric Barbier, but the first that I’ve seen. It’s a heist movie set in Paris and Antwerp, starring Yvan Attal as a safecracking jewel thief and Bérénice Bejo as the exhibitor / seller of a 137-carat diamond, and it spends a lot of time following time-worn heist movie tropes, i.e. 265 more words

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