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Seeing Red

Gail was completely flustered.  She had been writing crap, without an idea where her next novel was going to come from, so she decided to give up and go to the grocery store.  438 more words


Back From the Field

Heroes ‘N Pirates is just back from the field.  Here’s a pretty funny, true story.  True, I swear.  I was sitting in the folding chair in front of the fire – getting a bit warm, so I took off my hat and tossed it over my shoulder into the truck bed.  27 more words


The First Week - Cover Art

Art for finish of first week.

We can take some art-requests! Let’s the drawing begin!

Author Leopard
#the Dark Path Series

Its Derby Time Y'all: HATS!

It is ALLLLL about the oh so dramatic hats at the Kentucky Derby. They are so theatrical and beautiful. I personally think, the bigger, the better! 140 more words


She wore a raspberry beret . . . Adieu sweet Prince

Funny what you think about when you hear of the passing of a great artist who has impacted your life, how you start thinking about the role they played in what has become the tapestry of your musical experience. 506 more words

Hat Inspiration

Two Peas In A Pod

A favourite, foreign, friend of mine, forages frequently to find fabulous fotos for me. (And now I have exhausted my alliterative skills I will plough on with this post!) 155 more words


Bacon Monsieur??


Happy Bacon Day Mon Amis!    I thought you might enjoy seeing me modeling my fabulous green beret made expressly for me by my honorary Auntie Ellen from… 181 more words

Life With Cats