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12 months on ....

I miss you everyday, I say good morning to your photo in the kitchen and tell you my fears, dreams and joys every night before I sleep. 166 more words


Death and the After-Life

Due to caring for an ill loved one I have not been able to write for some time….

There are many times in life when it seems we have little or no control over our destiny and that of our loved ones and acquaintances. 376 more words

Further from Father

I don’t know how to feel. I can lie to myself; I’ve been lying to myself for years. But I can’t lie to the blog. The blog demands the truth, you see. 1,077 more words

The Worst News

My beautiful angelic aunt Val had more brain damage than they previously thought.  They turned off the machines on Wednesday.  Something in her valiantly fought, so she did not pass over on the birthday of her great niece Wednesday or her son’s on Thursday.   87 more words

I Actually Mean This


There are twelve
Between you and I,
Times around an
Unflinching sun.
In that time stung
With cat o’ nine tails,
I have been in love twice, 115 more words


Miscarriage, shame and the "12 week rule"...

I appreciate that this blog is about a sensitive, and dare I say it controversial, subject, and that there will probably be some people out there who disagree with my opinions, but following a short item I saw on BBC Breakfast this morning I wanted to share my views on the issue of miscarriage. 469 more words


"Sharing Stories" - Life after Death, by Sommer Phlipot.

“There is a song by The Lumineers. It’s called Deadsea. There is a verse that really spoke to me at a time where I was at a significant crossroads; 790 more words