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From my Journal – Week of November 5, 2017

On Monday, last week, I arrived at Woodland Terrace around 10 expecting to see Thelma at her place at the breakfast table. 385 more words


Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy By Becky Baudouin - a Book Review

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Finding Hope and Help in Seasons of Grief and Suffering

Becky Baudouin was devastated when she learned of an inoperable tumor on her mother’s lung?   233 more words


Ashes to Ashes

Hey guys! This post contains descriptions of a dead body. It’s not gory, and isn’t over-the-top, but it’s real. Just letting you know, in case that kind of thing isn’t for you.  1,775 more words


Pool of Grief

I’ve always thought of grief as a pool. Not a swimming pool, but a large body of water, dark and cold and full things mysterious, lake-like. 643 more words


The Shit List

What not to say to the newly bereaved/ annoying things people say to me:

FYI, my fiancé died, so I guess most of these relate to partner deaths, or just my overactive, over analysing mind. 573 more words

The New Normal

Until very recently, I had never attended any form of counselling in my life. I was rather proud of the fact; to get to my age and remain largely mentally intact was a real feat. 1,354 more words

The Day it all started

Whilst I do attribute some of my mental health issues to personal things that went on before mum died, most of which is probably far too personal for me to ever share, most of what has contributed to my deteriorating mental health is down to what happened on 1st October 2014- the day I lost my Mum. 948 more words