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The Notorious Board Game That Takes 1,500 Hours To Complete

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The Campaign For North Africa, in all its glory. Photo by board game owner Charles Picard.

The thick, black-and-white rulebook packaged with every copy of the 1979 war-game The Campaign For North Africa is full of obtuse decrees, but the tabletop community always had a special appreciation for entry 52.6 – affectionately known as the “macaroni rule.” The Italian troops in World War II were outfitted with noodle rations, and in the name of historical dogma, the player responsible for the Italians is required to distribute an extra water ration to their forces, so that their pasta may be boiled. 1,976 more words


AstraZeneca taps AI for drug discovery in deal with Berg

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AstraZeneca has forged a research collaboration with Boston-based Berg, a specialist in artificial intelligence for drug hunting, in the latest sign of big pharma’s interest in using supercomputers for drug discovery. 307 more words

Money Matters

Beer Sign German Beer Sign Berg

Beer Sign German Beer Sign Berg
Authentic, Original, Old(new Old Stock) German Beer Sign/ Berg Braeu=(Mountain Brew) From Leimen, Germany/ Leimen Is A Suburb Of Heidelberg./ Vivid Colors=the Photos Do Not Do The Colors Justice. 67 more words


Vienna Philharmonic, Haus für Mozart (Salzburg)

Berg, Wozzeck

Alban Berg‘s opera Wozzeck is a musical psychodrama.  But there is a plot, too.  Tonight’s performance at the Salzburg Festival fully captured the musical part, but as for the plot… not so much. 345 more words