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North Pole 2017

Ever have I seen the last degree to the North Pole so nice than this year. A group of five of us started off on the last degree to the NorthPole the 6st of April and headed North. 412 more words


Tamokdalen skiing and flying

It has been a long time since I have been to the Tamokdalen / Tamokvalley. And finally I had the chance to go there again. The weather was promising and spoke to the “King og Tamokdalen”, Aadne Olsrud. 227 more words


Paradise Island - Andøya

All winter I have had a big wish about going to Andøya again.  It is something special with the nature up there. Brutal, spectacular, beautiful, wondering and friendly. 415 more words


Ull og turklær til gravide

Å bli gravid var både ønsket og en stor glede når vi oppdaget det. Jeg hadde derimot ikke vært godt nok forberedt på hvor raskt kroppen skulle forandre seg. 837 more words


Peak Spanstind

Finally got the opportunity to visit Peak Spanstind in Troms. Its about 1400 m and you have a nice skiing up in two and half hour. 98 more words

Rune Gjeldnes

Lofoten winter visit

Had the joy of visiting Lofoten for two days. A big hope about a summiting and other joy, but the weather put me down to almost just photographing. 123 more words


November memories

November has been a busy month with lectures and travels, but time to get outside there has been opportunities. The days are short now even in Mid-Norway, and you have to hurry out in the morning to have some time in daylight or twilight. 70 more words