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Hikmah zakat kepada pemberi

Terdapat banyak hikmah mengeluarkan zakat, antaranya termaksuklah:

  • Membersihkan diri daripada sifat bakhil dan tamak.
  • Menjalinkan silaturrahim dan membentuk sifat penyayang.
  • Membentuk tabiat suka menderma dan tidak mementingkan diri sendiri.
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Car-booting and ...The Exploitation of Animals

So obviously as a purveyor of interesting things we often visit car-boots, auction houses and the like’ so this last weekend (and I am still recoiling) I felt the irresistible draw of certain Hertfordshire Car-Boot Sale, it a large arena with enough isles and stalls to make it interesting, we often had a pitch there earlier in the year, when the seed was planted and agitating in the 6ft 6’ers brain, although frankly I don’t tend to do ‘early doors’, so when I say ‘we’ I actually mean Adam and boy child..however,  I provided refreshments and visual noise at a much healthier hour of day… which constituted a major input into CC morale and general motivation, an angle I much prefer to the sexist assumption that an XX chromosome equates to refreshments on demand to the XY’s. 1,534 more words

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