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Berlin Winner 'Junction 48' Set for U.S. Release in 2017

The Orchard has acquired North American rights to director Udi Aloni’s “Junction 48,” which won the Panorama Audience Award at the Berlin Film Festival, and plans a 2017 theatrical release. 239 more words


Germany to Boost Film Funding, Berlin Film Festival Budget

Germany is set to increase its federal film subsidy program by €15 million ($16.6 million), and earmarked an extra $1.1 million for the Berlin Film Festival. 214 more words


Film Review: 'Dhanak' (Rainbow)

Movie stars, distinctive deities, and steadfast siblings propel the road-movie narrative of “Dhanak,” writer-director’s Nagesh Kukunoor’s slickly produced and pleasantly engaging fairy tale about the long-distance journey of two starstruck youngsters in search of a nondenominational miracle. 627 more words


How to Wow on the Red Carpet on Festival Circuit

Venice may be known as the jewel of the Adriatic, and Berlin brings out funky fashionistas in February, but for the haute couture world, Cannes is considered the crowning glory of the film festival circuit. 589 more words


Film Review: 'In Your Dreams!'

Czech teen Laura (Barbora Stikarova) is a determined practitioner of parkour, the art of free-running around, over and up buildings, or other architecture. As “In Your Dreams!” is at pains to make clear from the outset, she’s unusual in that most of the discipline’s adherents are male — including local parkour hotshot Luky (Toman Rychtera), the object of a nascent crush on Laura’s part. 657 more words

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#50 SUFFRAGETTE (2015)


It’s been a while… but with Streepy having a big movie out next week  (and possibly her only movie out for quite some time to come) it seemed right to get back on track and catch up what we’ve missed. 1,525 more words

Tribeca Film Review: 'Junction 48'

Subtlety was never the strong-suit of helmer-activist Udi Aloni, although his agitprop works have a justifiable righteous anger that gets them touring fests. “Junction 48” is a classic example, starring Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar as a version of himself, naively dreaming of becoming a crossover hip-hop star while facing Israeli bigotry. 381 more words