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Dealing with pre-race Jitters

You’d think that after 7 years of competitive racing, the pre-race jitters would begin to disappear, eh? Well, sorry to tell you that this is so NOT the case… What I have learned though, is how to turn those jitters into excitement and drive… rather than negative thoughts like doubt and fear (which jitters can easily turn into if you’re not careful!). 623 more words

Fitness & Training

Our Berlin Half Marathon Story

Daylight savings in Autumn 2014, the clocks fall back and we have an extra hour in our day. My roommate Kailee and I decide to make the most of this extra hour by signing up for the… 319 more words

Find A Challenge


A week ago I did not think I’d be able to write this post now, but: I RAN A HALF MARATHON! I still can’t quite believe it. 610 more words

21.0975 km in 30 tweets

An account. In which is recapped the personal experience of running a half marathon. Also a twitter experiment on narration. 984 more words


Berlin Halbmarathon 2017.

I’ve made a decision. It’s a crazy one. It might be near impossible. But I’m going for it.

I came to the very random, and very sudden conclusion that I must… MUST run the Berlin Half Marathon in 2017. 214 more words


...and then, too many days later:

Back on the blog, back on track. I hope. After my race in Porto, I felt so empty, but managed to stick to my training all the way through nov/dec – until christmas vacation. 443 more words


Simply the best!

If you’re looking for it, I can tell you where to find it!

The Berlin, OH (USA) Run in Amish Country Half Marathon is it.  Don’t expect a PR here.   415 more words