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Playing To Win

Coaching volleyball, or indeed any sport, for a living is tough.  It is not only the work that is difficult but it can become all consuming to the extent that it affects your personal and family life, and even your personality.  655 more words


Champions League Review... Of Sorts

I am on the record as saying that the European Champions League Final Four is the best event on the volleyball calendar.  I am also on record as saying that my career goal is to participant in the Champions League Final Four.  336 more words


German Cup Final - From HALLE luja to Devastation

The ‘HALLE luja’ in the post title is a play on words.  The German cup final in held in the city of Halle.  Reaching the cup final has been a major club goal for at least the time I have spent there and so when we reached the cup final for the first time since it has been held there, we were so excited we shouted (figuratively) ‘Hallelujah!!’.  147 more words

German Volleyball

Inspiration And Innovation - 'The Dark Knight' Part III

Michael Jordan was a great basketballer.  That is hardly a revelation.  He was also a great scorer.  Over his NBA career he averaged over 30 points per game and was known as being virtually unguardable.  263 more words



Every coach or volleyball ‘expert’ knows that the best place to watch volleyball is from behind the court.  From there you can most easily see the movement of the players and the ball.  341 more words


A Journey Of A Thousand Miles...

…begins with a single step.  And ends with a last minute.  Our thousand (at least) mile journey ended with this minute.