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Have yourself a vapid little Christmas.

They’re everywhere, the KaDeWe in Berlin is filled with these little Santa Claus martians, some kind of old school futuristic kitsch, post-midcentury monsters making it to the homes of metrosexual hipsters, giving me the creeps in any of their various colourings, I want to get away, make it to the fifth floor, to get my favourite cake from Lenôtre, but I’m mesmerized, their shiny empty faces seem to captivate us, we’re spellbound by some vapid features, purposeless design, free of any expression, faces void of character and emotion, insignificance galore, like the people from these TV shows in “Fahrenheit 451”, pointless triviality starting at €39,90, so that everybody can have one, but why would anyone want one? 8 more words


Postdamer platz

Postdamer platz in Berlin

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More Crazy Protests Going On Down There In The Middle East Again

I mean over there, of course. Over there in the middle eastern part of Berlin.

Angela Merkel has condemned the burning of Israeli symbols during protests against the US decision on Jerusalem. 90 more words


New Publication: »Politics of Disclosure: Organizational Transparency as Multiactor Negotiation«

Creating transparency is oftentimes imagined as something that can easily be turned on or off. Zooming in, transparency is hard work. In a new paper… 183 more words


Charlottenburg Christmas Market

There are I don’t know how many Christmas markets in Berlin, but the one that was repeatedly recommended to me was the one found at Charlottenberg Palace, so after… 61 more words


Berlin Day Hike: Animal Christmas In Schorfheide

We have been to the Wildtierpark Schorfheide yesterday and there was Santa Claus bringing gifts to the animals all while being observed by some vigiliant cameras from… 107 more words


Exit: Huxley

Berlin, Nov 2017

Exit: Huxley

Toby says:

Huxley is only the second virtual reality escape game I’ve played, and so it remains a challenge to write a fair review. 877 more words