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11th International PhD Student Cancer Conference

A glorious three day bonanza of beer, brains and BRAF. — Tom Mortimer, PhD student at The Francis Crick Institute

On Wednesday morning, June 14th, twenty PhD students from The Francis Crick Institute woke up early and made their way from one of London’s five airports to Berlin.

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Berlin. Studio Pierre Joel Becker.

Take my second camera, he said. So I did, and snapped a few pictures of the model too. This artist inspires to create forms, angles and a nearly psychedelic world without the use of Photoshop or post editing. 8 more words


Hamburg genehmigt Straflager bei dem G-20

Deutschland 2017 schreibt Sience-Fiction-Kino weiter! Gefangenen-Sammelstelle für G20 sind am 7. Und 8. Juli 2017 eingerichtet worden. 3 Millionen Euro kostet die neue Gefängnisstelle, die extra für den G-20 aufgebaut wurde. 108 more words

Krakow, First Berlin Reflection

Distance. It’s amazing what it does for memory. For reflection. For finding ourselves longing for home.

On a bus to Stratford, Ontario to see  666 more words


Reading in the series Fiction Canteen in Exile

I’ll be reading from A LESSER DAY this evening at a place called ausland.

How much of our lives is contained in the places we’ve lived in? 112 more words


Berlin || Germany

Song: Computerliebe (Kraftwerk)

Time: 6.00 PM

Location: Berlin

I’ve visited Berlin twice in the past year; once as the winter was beginning and then again as the summer was picking up. 440 more words


Sunday Grumpy Sunday

What’s the point of a transport app, the official transport app of the BVG, mind, if it doesn’t tell you about disruptions? Or the tram driver suddenly announcing “we aren’t going to Köpenick” just before the last stop to get off and take a bus that only goes every 20 minutes, but not even telling you that, or where the damned tram IS going? 904 more words