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10 Situations When Life in Germany Gets Weird

By now there is barely anything that surprises me about living in Berlin. Whatever new (social) rule comes out of nowhere or whatever new law gets passed, to me it is just part of this crazy, colorful, multicultural place I have been calling home for the last 14 years. 958 more words

The Berlinish Journal


The young wedding couple pictured in this portrait are well dressed and quite attractive. The pretty bride looks terrific in her wedding gown and bridal veil. 53 more words


Life in Berlin, 6 weeks later

Almost 6 weeks of living in Berlin has been quite a change from the fast paced life of London. Admittedly I’ve gone from full time contracting to unemployed life, so things are surely going to be a little calmer. 356 more words


CELTA Week Two (warning: I got carried away again!)

Again, I have reached the end of my Word document, where I first type my posts, and realised that I have something of a problem with blogging waffle… So apologies for the written verbal diarrhoea, and for the fact that it’s all one post! 5,718 more words


Life-size LEGO cups

This is Laura and me toasting in the LEGO store at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. We’re crazy about those cups!
They too are available in a Friends colour, but I’m not too fond of that version. 68 more words